Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Trick or Treat!

Thought I'd show you what the kids wore to their Mid-Year party at school last Friday. The theme was Enchanted Forest. I took a half day off work and played hooky with the kids till lunchtime. It was so hot and humid but I had lots of fun ogling the costumes!

Take a gander of my own fairy princess Faith in her fairy princess costume courtesy of my fabulous aunt who sent it from the U.S.

Joshua got a Buzz Lightyear costume which he couldn't wear to school so I had to scramble for another costume at the last minute. He went as a bear, which he thought was cool, thank goodness.

Here's Faith's Nursery class.

And Joshua's Senior Kinder class. Take note of the kid in the bird costume. Heard he just got out from the hospital the day before but insisted on going to school to wear his costume. I would've gone to school too if it were me.

Have a Happy Halloween everyone!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Book Meme

I've been tagged by Princess Shin and Pacha for this meme and since I love doing book tags, this was a cinch for me to do.

Total number of books
I really don't know. I used to have a card catalogue (that's how OC I was with my books) and the last count I remembered was over a thousand. That was more than fifteen years ago. So maybe, five thousand?

Last Book Read
Autobiography of a One Year Old. Really amusing.

Last Book/s Bought
Skinny Bitch -- I thought it was a diet book. Very direct way of saying things but I skipped through to the end and found they were espousing a vegan way of life. Totally not going there (I like my meat).

101 Things to Buy before you die -- Lots of stuff I will NEVER be able to afford. Frankly, I won't buy it even if I HAD the money. But a really interesting and amusing read.

5 Meaningful Books
The Little Prince - I was quite young when I first read it and it made quite an impression on me. Then I read it again as an adult and I was as entranced as when I first read it.

Wuthering Heights - I loooove Heathcliff.

Bram Stoker's Dracula - This is what hooked me to the horror genre. A great story, but I think I will hold off reading it as a bedtime story for the the time being.

The Arabian Nights - I've lost count of how many times I read this collection when I was a little girl. I read it from cover to cover every time and never got bored.

Baby ER - This struck a deep chord in me because of how I felt when Joshua was born premature. I cried buckets while reading this.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Another bedtime story

Just another comedic bedtime in our never boring household.

Both kids were slowly drifting to sleep when Joshua asked me to sing "The bear went over the mountain." I liked singing this to them because personally, I think it is one of the most boring songs in the planet. Heck, it even makes me want to fall asleep and I'm the one singing it. Really, try singing it over and over and over and over......preferably in an get the drift.

Faith took exception because she wanted another song. She wanted me to sing the family patented (my mom and grand aunt used to sing this to me) "Sleep my darling, Baby." Which is kind of not a song because those are the only lyrics. And you sing it over and over and over again in any tone you want. I used to sing it to them when they were babies while nursing or rocking them to sleep. I was really surprised she remembers it.

Anyway, the point is, they wanted different songs. Then Faith starts crying...the full monty -- copious tears, enough to make her shirt wet.

What to do? Hubby is already asleep despite the escalating noise. Joshua is looking at me expectantly, probably wondering what I was going to do. It is already past ten pm, we've been in bed for more than an hour, three of us not even remotely close to sleep.

So in the interest of fairness (Joshua asked first), I explained to Faith that Joshua asked to be sung to first and she has to take her turn. So she has two choices, if she doesn't want to hear mommy sing to Joshua she can go to the corner of the room and continue to cry there or she can stop crying, lie down and wait for mommy. She keeps quietly sniffling for a minute and when I asked if she wanted to lie down, she nodded. Finally the crying and kicking stops.

So I sang for about five minutes more to Joshua and asked him if it was ok for me to sing Faith's song. The sweet boy said yes. Then he proceeds to scratch various parts of his anatomy while I was singing Faith to sleep. She was half asleep when I noticed Joshua's hand inside his pajamas furiously tugging at something. Still singing, I tried to get his hand from wherever it was and he resisted.

"Mommy! My pwet (butt) is eating my jockey!" he exclaimed indignantly before going back to what he was doing.

I snorted with laughter mid-song, glad that Faith was already asleep. Joshua followed soon after, apparently done with fixing his undies.

I was left staring at the ceiling.

Wide awake.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

It's been quite a heavy week for me work wise hence the lack of posts.

Ever since my vacation, I've been thinking about my grueling work commute. Three to four hours (sometimes five hours!) every day is sapping my energy. The hubby and I get home late, the kids stay up later than usual since they wait up for us then have a hard time waking up in the morning for school. I am seriously considering making a major change.

So I've no time to post or write something when I get home cause mostly I'm rushing to get the kids to bed so they won't have to stay up so late. Lately, I get to spend a little morning time with them as I've been giving them their baths in the morning before school but that's basically it.

Change is inevitable and I've never been afraid of it. However, I know that whatever happens will involve not just me but my entire family and how we live right now. So I know I have to be careful before I decide to take a step.

Half of me is saying, Stop, think about it a hundred times and the other half is daring myself to go for it.

Too many decisions to make and I'm not giving myself enough time to think about it. Someone I love always said not to make decisions when your emotions are too strong and I totally agree.

I'm too conflicted right now so I will probably let my thoughts simmer for a while.

Tomorrow is a holiday so I have a long weekend to distract myself from negative thoughts. No specific plans except to spend tomorrow afternoon at my favorite place (the bookstore!) with the kids and probably take a look at fabrics for my sister's wedding with my mom. Hopefully after this weekend, I'll be in a more positive frame of mind. The hubby thinks everything's boring when I'm not in a happy mood.

Quick! Distract me! Any good books you've read lately? Tell me.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Ice Cream Series

One rainy and lazy weekend night, I decided to take the kids to Haagen Dazs for ice cream (actually, I was craving for some coffee ice cream). So while their dad took care of some errands, the kids and I just sat and chilled. (And I took photos from my camera phone).

Gonna get me some ice cream now.

Have a great weekend!