Friday, April 23, 2010

The heat this summer is unbearable! I just bought an inflatable pool for the kids to play in. I did think of next month's water bill but justified the purchase with the thought that the water could be reused to water the plants, wash the cars, etc. Plus, it's a couple of hours without the air conditioner or tv on so I also save on electricity. And my baby Lucia is turning out to be such a water baby. She loooooves being in the water. In fact, just getting her to leave the sink when she's done washing up for bed will trigger a mini tantrum. The pool was also on sale so I suppose it's totally worth it.

Speaking of worth it, I just got the package I was expecting thru Johnny Air. I've been eyeing some dresses for the girls at Gap but couldn't bear the exorbitant prices. So I ordered the stuff on sale at and had it shipped via Johnny Air. I ordered it on April 12, the New York office received it on the 16th and I was able to pick it up today. Pretty fast huh? Their service is terrific and very customer friendly. No need to wait ages for packages from the US to arrive. And no need to deal with lines and custom officials at the post office.

Am loving the dresses I picked for the girls. Can't wait to see them try it on. Have a nice weekend!