Friday, January 13, 2006

Scary movies -- Narnia spoiler alert! (You have been warned!)

It's been a long time between posts, even i almost forgot I had a blog. Spent 20 mins racking my brain for my login name and password. Long vacations tend to have that effect on me. It's funny how I start every Christmas vacation with the best of intentions (rest, spend lots of quality time with the kids, organize the household) and end up only doing one out of the three. Between shopping, wrapping gifts (and keeping the kids from unwrapping them --hence the quality time), the slew of family gatherings, christmas parties and more shopping, the usual holiday frenzy caught up with me again.

So now I end up with a post holiday messy household (thank goodness Jun isn't OC!). I just added another few month's worth of mess to fix on top of the things that needed fixing in the first place. But what the heck, I've always thought there are better things to do than wallow in self imposed drudgery, right? Right??!!

Found myself in a serious drudgery avoidance mood last weekend so I grabbed some Hershey bars and settled in with the kids to watch Lassie (the 90's version). There we were, tangled contentedly on the sofa, Faith licking the little Hershey pieces until it was all melted and I had to lick it off her finger and Joshua making me bite off the rectangular pieces in half because he wants squares (go figure). I was taken aback when Faith suddenly sat up and cried, "Oh no! No no no!!". I looked at her and her bottom lip was quivering then she started crying. I realized it was because Lassie jumped from a window and Faith was upset Lassie might get hurt. Then I started laughing my head off. I wasn't through laughing when Joshua starts to cry as well because someone pointed a gun at Lassie. He was going ---"Turn it off! Turn it off! I don't want to watch thaaat! It's scaaary!" Despite my reassurances that Lassie will be ok, he cried until the movie ends while I snorted with laughter. I know, I know. Not very mature of me. I felt so guilty I punished myself by eating another Hershey bar (bad mommy!). Oh my poor sensitive children.

Gosh, and here I thought I was being a good mom by not exposing them to the more violent cartoons and scary movies on TV. Lassie was very bad, and now I'll have to ban Bambi. Good thing Nemo and his Dad found each other and that Dory didn't die, whew! I wonder how Josh will feel when he watches Aslan die in Narnia??!!!!