Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What's on TV?

It's a rare night when I can watch tv uninterrupted.  Most days it's all you can watch Playhouse Disney channel.  Tonight I'm left behind as everyone goes to my brother's exhibit.  

Right now I'm watching Gordon Ramsay yelling at some General Manager on Kitchen Nightmares. First time I've seen this show and I am loving it!  I've been enjoying Nigella and Curtis Stone earlier.  And also seen Sex and the City on DVD.

On the Tyra Banks show, they were talking about how this "expert" can tell whether a couple is likely to get divorced or not.  Apparently, an example is how couples can still be positive while having an argument.  Upon being asked for an example by Tyra, he said that some couples can sit back from an argument and say something positive like, "I like the shoes you're wearing tonight." WTH!!!! So next time you have an argument with your spouse or significant other, take a break and say something nice about their shoes...or hair.  Whatever.

I think I still have room for some Disney cartoons.  They make more sense to me.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Sunday scare

Quite possibly the most frightening thing that you can think about happening when you're pregnant happened last Sunday morning.

We were spending the weekend at the Mandarin Oriental and we were going to have breakfast downstairs.  So after extricating myself from Faith's death grip on my neck, I went to the bathroom.  (Warning:  TMI!!!)  Imagine my horror when I looked at the toilet bowl to flush after peeing and seeing blood.   Lots of it.  I actually had Jun take a picture so we could show it to the doctor.  And no, am not going to post it here to spare you the gory details.

I made a frantic call to my OB and was instructed to head straight to the Delivery Room.  I called up my parents to pick up the kids at the hotel and bring them home then we hurriedly packed and checked out.  

I was immediately hooked up to a fetal monitor and sure enough, I was having contractions although there was no more bleeding.  They gave me a shot of medication to make the contractions stop and kept me there for a while.  So, long story short, I am now under instructions to stay in bed for a week with a follow up check up with my doctor on Saturday.  

It's been two days and I never thought I'd say this but it is soooo boring.  The grass really is much greener.  If I was at the office, I'd be wishing I was at home.   But, there is only so much tv and reading you can do before you get a headache.  Plus I have a bad cough and cold too.  The kids, meanwhile, are very happy I am home.  My mother hardly get to see them which is probably a welcome relief from being with them the whole day while I am at work.

Anyway, Lucia seems to be allright.  I am hoping there will be no repeat of the Sunday morning episode for the rest of the week.  I would like to get back to work to finish commitments so I won't have anything hanging over my head while I am on maternity leave.  

Meanwhile, I'm just hanging around our room, watching endless Handy Manny and Ben Ten cartoons with the kids.  Oh, and eating belgian chocolate covered raisins.  Yum!

Friday, April 24, 2009

35 Weeks and counting

At 35 weeks....

- I cannot stop eating chocolate.  Ever try Royce's Nama chocolates in Cacao?  To die for!  But since they are ridiculously expensive, I calm my cravings with Maltesers.  Anyone who comes close to getting my precious maltesers from me has to be very brave.  Except my fellow chocoholic Faith, of course.

- I keep dreaming about Tsunamis.  Small ones, not the gigantic Deep Impact movie kind of thing. Totally weird.  And going to Sydney. 

- Every morning when I wake up, I say hello to my feet.  It's the only time I see them normal looking.  Most of the day I have bloated little sausages that pass for toes.

- I miss -- my nose, wearing high heels, being able to carry Faith, sleeping on my back, wearing my wedding and engagement rings.

- The other night I had to go pee three times in 5 minutes.  That must've been some sort of a record.  

Monday, April 20, 2009

Quick update

I have just passed the 34 week mark in this pregnancy and now I just cannot wait until this baby pops out!

The heat is killing me!  I can't sleep anymore, turning over is a major undertaking, walking is torture and my feet are HUGE!  I've been going to work wearing birkenstocks as these are the only things that fit anymore (can't wear flipflops to work).  

So far, everything is ok based on the ultrasound and Saturday morning check-up with my OB.  I just really have to wait and keep my cool until I get to meet baby Lucia.  My ob has tentatively set my CS procedure on the 16th of May -- just four more weeks.  The kids are very excited to meet their little sister and have been heard arguing about who's going to get to push the stroller.  

I still have tons to do at home.  Still have some baby clothes and stuff (burp cloths, cloth diapers, bibs and towels) to get, work is still hectic and I'm too tired all the time.  

Oh, and the million dollar question from Joshua:  "mommy, will you still have time for me and Faith when Lucia arrives?".  You gotta hand it to the kid.  Gets straight to the point.