Sunday, March 15, 2009

What a busy morning!

Ran out of the house today at just before 10am just to get a replacement for a leaking bidet which flooded the upstairs bathroom.  The planned 20 minute errand run morphed into something else entirely.  

I decided to nip by Beauty Bar to find a replacement Tweezerman for the one that mysteriously disappeared from my vanity.  And of course, my inner Becky Bloomwood "forced" (ahem) her way out.  I got out of there with facial cleanser (which I was about to run out of! Swear!), facial blotting paper (45 bucks for a hundred sheets, sheesh!), and bronzer (um....have no excuse for this one).    Off to the hardware store then!

Every time I wander into a hardware store am amazed at how much interesting stuff there is.  Who'd have thought?  Anyway, got the bidet replacement in under three minutes then decided to move around a bit.  Ended up with two plastic storage cabinets which were on sale -- one for the kids' clothes for when I have the time to organize their overflowing closets and another small one to hold the junk in our bathroom.  And plastic shoe boxes for 60 pesos each.  

It's the drugstore next for Joshua's vitamins, then I dropped off a dress that had to be shortened, picked up the dry cleaning from the cleaners and then went grocery shopping.  Last stop was the hospital to pick up some lab test results from yesterday's test.

I did all this in two hours.  Was back home in time for lunch.

Anyway, it's been a very busy past few months for me.  Work has been hectic but hopefully will slowly taper off by end of the month so I can focus on the things I need to transition before I go on maternity leave.  

The pregnancy's going well so far.  I had another ultrasound yesterday just to check the baby's weight and my amniotic fluid levels (all ok! whew!).  Then had my Oral Glucose Challenge Test where they make you drink a disgustingly sweet orange flavored glucose conconction to check your glucose levels.  This was also ok according to the result I got earlier.  

So then, I believe I am going into my nesting phase where everything at home is driving me crazy because of the mess and I AM ITCHING TO ORGANIZE EVERYTHING!!!!!!!  


Am supposed to finish some work today but the bedroom's still a mess, the stuff I bought has to be put away, kids need to have a bath, have some washing to do and I can't close Faith's drawers properly.  

Which is why I am in front of my laptop, posting this, going through my reader and checking facebook.  I need to calm myself.....