Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Check out my new toy...

So yes, I have been busy tinkering with my Palm Centro the past few days. So has the hubby (as the overall-techie-geek-in-charge). He has been constantly needled and wheedled to figure out whatever I want to do and make the thingie do it. He even figured out how to make an MP3 file into a ring tone.

The verdict? I love it. I was originally bent on getting an Iphone as a replacement for my old phone but I got some feedback from friends who said that you can't do a lot of things with it (can't send group text). Plus the price is a bit prohibitive. The cute little phone above answers all my needs -- I can edit worksheets, read ebooks, take pictures, surf the web. It's got all the features of the Treo except it's sleeker, smaller, lighter and has a better camera.

New toy aside, I've been pretty busy at work too. Then there's housework and the kids. This month's got Faith's ballet recital, and their birthdays.

I've missed visiting my daily dose of blogs so expect me to pass by soon. :D