Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Book Meme

I've been tagged by Princess Shin and Pacha for this meme and since I love doing book tags, this was a cinch for me to do.

Total number of books
I really don't know. I used to have a card catalogue (that's how OC I was with my books) and the last count I remembered was over a thousand. That was more than fifteen years ago. So maybe, five thousand?

Last Book Read
Autobiography of a One Year Old. Really amusing.

Last Book/s Bought
Skinny Bitch -- I thought it was a diet book. Very direct way of saying things but I skipped through to the end and found they were espousing a vegan way of life. Totally not going there (I like my meat).

101 Things to Buy before you die -- Lots of stuff I will NEVER be able to afford. Frankly, I won't buy it even if I HAD the money. But a really interesting and amusing read.

5 Meaningful Books
The Little Prince - I was quite young when I first read it and it made quite an impression on me. Then I read it again as an adult and I was as entranced as when I first read it.

Wuthering Heights - I loooove Heathcliff.

Bram Stoker's Dracula - This is what hooked me to the horror genre. A great story, but I think I will hold off reading it as a bedtime story for the the time being.

The Arabian Nights - I've lost count of how many times I read this collection when I was a little girl. I read it from cover to cover every time and never got bored.

Baby ER - This struck a deep chord in me because of how I felt when Joshua was born premature. I cried buckets while reading this.


kj said...

love love love love the little prince. one of my most precious friendships was born from the wisdom of the little prince.


Pacha said...

I read 'The Little Prince' to the kids back in May when we were in Tuscany. We even called a new kitten Antonio (Tony). I don't know how much the kids understood of the book (I think I only really appreciated it as an adolescent). I think they are too little but it is one of those books to re-read and re-read. I had forgotten how dreadfully sad it is at the end. I thought it would upset the kids so I sort of changed the ending!

Healthcliff; isn't it amazing how this man manages to make women around the world to collectively sigh with longing and sadness? The power of literature combined with a tragic moody brooding man in love! *sigh*

The Arabian Nights... brilliant. I want to re-read!

I haven't read Dracula yet, unbelievable eh? I bet I like it though (I hate/love scaring myself...its sooooo addictive).

This meme is so much fun! Thanks for playing Menchie!!!

homo escapeons said...

The Little Prince is awesome! Stoker's Dracula must be accompanied by Frankenstein, Mary Shelley was just a kid when she wrote it on a dare for Byron, and William Peter Blatty's the Exorcist...BOO!

This is sort of nerdy but the Story of English is fascinating and Life on Earth by David Attenborough is wonderful.

houseband00 said...

Interesting list, Menchie. =)

I never got into the classics, though. Well, except probably the required reading we had in school. Favorite classics for me are the novels of J.D. Salinger and the short stories of John Cheever.

Maybe I should try older authors next time.

Keshi said...

**Wuthering Heights - I loooove Heathcliff.

OMG u n i must be long lost sisters. thats my fav book n character too!


Menchie said...

i love it too! I can't wait till the kids are old enough to read it. :D

Heathcliff is awesome. I'd lost count of how many of my girlish fantasies were inspired by this man. He is utterly, utterly yummy.

You are going to love Dracula. CAn't remember how many times I've read it and I still don't get tired of the story!

OMG, The Exorcist is really hard core horror. Will have to check out your recommendations.

I hate to admit this but J.D. Salinger's books bore me a bit. Really tried to get into it but abandoned the books about a fourth into the story. I don't know why. How terribly uncouth of me!!

i already knew we were long lost sisters....shopping, gerard butler...no doubt about it! :D

Keshi said...

hehe so true Menchie :)


The New Parent said...

Hi M--Arabian Nights--interesting book to read as an adult, so many layers (smile).

aminah said...

I remember reading Dracula when I first arrived in Norway..snow outside, dark nights and blankets to keep out the cold....brings backs lots of nice associations...despite it being Dracula!!!
Have you seen the black and white film of Wuthering Heights... a film perfect for rainy sundays!

Hildegarde said...

Yes, that's a meme just for you as a booklover. I don't seem to read books anymore lately, reading blogs already takes time and I like to read the opinions in the newspaper, and then the reading time a day is used up :-)

Marie said...

Great meme. Wuthering Heights and Dracula are two of my fave books too.

SabineM said...

Autobiography of a one year old! That is got to be funnY! Do you recommend that?
I haven't read Wuthering Heights nor Baby ER!
Great meme! Might steal that one from you!

Ces said...

Menchie, I love The Little Prince and Wuthering Heights. You are quite a reader. That is why tour children love reading books and are very smart!

Menchie said...

You know, I just realized I haven't read it again as an adult. Maybe I should...

No I haven't. I've only seen the Juliet Binoche/Ralph Fiennes version. But I loved it anyway. :D

I agree with you. Between work and the kids, I rarely have time to read anymore. Which is why I've developed the bad habit of reading in the car.

I know! Am not surprised they're your favorites! :D

Oh yes I would recommend it! Makes you go back to those days. I remember I used to wonder what my babies thought.

Yes, I am realy glad they like reading and being read to. Their favorite place (aside from the toy store, of course) is the bookstore!

-Princess Shin- said...

Oooh.. Thanks for replying it! I love the Little Prince! So meaningful right?