Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Another bedtime story

Just another comedic bedtime in our never boring household.

Both kids were slowly drifting to sleep when Joshua asked me to sing "The bear went over the mountain." I liked singing this to them because personally, I think it is one of the most boring songs in the planet. Heck, it even makes me want to fall asleep and I'm the one singing it. Really, try singing it over and over and over and over......preferably in an undertone....you get the drift.

Faith took exception because she wanted another song. She wanted me to sing the family patented (my mom and grand aunt used to sing this to me) "Sleep my darling, Baby." Which is kind of not a song because those are the only lyrics. And you sing it over and over and over again in any tone you want. I used to sing it to them when they were babies while nursing or rocking them to sleep. I was really surprised she remembers it.

Anyway, the point is, they wanted different songs. Then Faith starts crying...the full monty -- copious tears, enough to make her shirt wet.

What to do? Hubby is already asleep despite the escalating noise. Joshua is looking at me expectantly, probably wondering what I was going to do. It is already past ten pm, we've been in bed for more than an hour, three of us not even remotely close to sleep.

So in the interest of fairness (Joshua asked first), I explained to Faith that Joshua asked to be sung to first and she has to take her turn. So she has two choices, if she doesn't want to hear mommy sing to Joshua she can go to the corner of the room and continue to cry there or she can stop crying, lie down and wait for mommy. She keeps quietly sniffling for a minute and when I asked if she wanted to lie down, she nodded. Finally the crying and kicking stops.

So I sang for about five minutes more to Joshua and asked him if it was ok for me to sing Faith's song. The sweet boy said yes. Then he proceeds to scratch various parts of his anatomy while I was singing Faith to sleep. She was half asleep when I noticed Joshua's hand inside his pajamas furiously tugging at something. Still singing, I tried to get his hand from wherever it was and he resisted.

"Mommy! My pwet (butt) is eating my jockey!" he exclaimed indignantly before going back to what he was doing.

I snorted with laughter mid-song, glad that Faith was already asleep. Joshua followed soon after, apparently done with fixing his undies.

I was left staring at the ceiling.

Wide awake.


Keshi said...



Pacha said...

So funny! Poor Joshua...so uncomfortable!

At least your kids listen to reason! That same scene in my house would be cause for the neighbours to call the police because of the noise (screaming, ranting and raving and crying - and thats only me!)....

houseband00 said...

That's such a sweet and funny story, Menchie. I loved it! =)

kj said...

you've told a fine story here, menchie! hahahaha!

Marie said...

Great story! Made me smile.

Stace said...

I love hearing stories about your kids, they're an absolute hoot!

Menchie said...


LOL! I think I'm as noisy as you too! At least the hubby thinks the kids got it from me. :D

it was pretty funny on hindsight. :D

why, thank you. :D

thanks sweetie!

yeah, they are. never boring actually. but always noisy!

Ekta said...

God i can imagine ur kids must be really adorable and u a wonderful mommy!

JO-N said...

Nice to know that you still sing to your children to sleep. You're wonderful!

Menchie said...

i think they are adorable but i am soooooo biased. :D

*smile* thanks for the vote of confidence. my kids say i'm the best mommy in the world, but then they're biased too! :D

The New Parent said...

Hi M--it's amazing how they can pour on the tears (smile).

So nice that you sing to them, it's a sweet time to share.

Ces said...

This is a lovely story. You are such a fine Mom!

homo escapeons said...

Wow. I have never given myself an atomic wedgie.

Kids are great because they don't have that mental/mouth filter on 24/7. No thought goes unvoiced.

They say what they mean and mean what they say, atleast until they are about 3, and then they start manipulating you full time, and you become their slave, and give up any thoughts of having a life, and they mercilessly plunder your soul for the next 30 years until they finally move out and then suddenly start dropping off their kids for you to raise!!
Little rats!

um..er..HA Ha ha... just kidding.

You are a very sweet Mommy and you are molding two wonderful people that the rest of us will treasure.

Diesel said...

Man, I hate it when that happens.

Hildegarde said...

Great story of the never boring household :-)

Keshi said...

Happy Monday Menchie!


Laurie said...

LOL! That is TOO funny!