Thursday, October 04, 2007

Ice Cream Series

One rainy and lazy weekend night, I decided to take the kids to Haagen Dazs for ice cream (actually, I was craving for some coffee ice cream). So while their dad took care of some errands, the kids and I just sat and chilled. (And I took photos from my camera phone).

Gonna get me some ice cream now.

Have a great weekend!


SabineM said...

Oh HOW PRECIOUS! THe last two photos made me laugh! THe look on your daughter's face in the 2nd to last and then the change in the last is hilarious!
I LOVE Haagen Dazs, do they have Ducle De Leche?

Keshi said...

lovely shots of ur cute kiddies!

** I was craving for some coffee ice cream

I love the coffe flavor too! And Tiramisu..with nuts. YUMMMMMMMM!


Menchie said...

i know! it was a good thing I was able to capture it with my phone.

i think nothing beats haagen dazs. yes, they have dulce de leche here. :D

my favorites are coffee and strawberry and the coffee almond fudge ice cream bar. ummmmmm....i think the kids and are due for another ice cream trip later tonight. :D

i used to loooooove their mint chip but they discontinued it.

Pacha said...

Dulce de Leche? Ohhhh, thats my favourite! These pictures are fantastic! Your kids are so grown up from the last pictures you posted! Must be the rain!

Your kids are gorgeous!

Marie said...

Gorgeous kids and pics!

Hildegarde said...

Well, you say you're not too big about taking pictures yourself, but maybe you should do it more because you have such a right-out-of-life way of taking photos that deliver very attractive shots (the expressions of your children !!!) Very recognizable what you write : the worry feeling when you go on a trip without the children esp. when they are sick, but that it is wonderful to have some private time. Plans that don't work out, ... Have a great weekend too, Menchie !

Stace said...

Oh god, don't talk about ice cream when I'm trying so hard not to eat "comfort food"!!!

Voracious Blog Reader said...

Faith is soooooo cuteeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Voracious Blog Reader

Menchie said...

I was looking at the pictures and was thinking the same thing! They are growing up so fast sometimes I feel i am missing a lot!

thank you! :D

LOL! These pictures I took are just pure luck! But I do love their expressions here. I think I will frame these.

I gorged myself on cheese flavored ice cream over the weekend. Today i am starting my diet (again!). :D

thank you! i think so too! :D

Stace said...

CHEESE flavoured ice cream??? I had no idea there was such a thing. It sounds... weird. Is it nice?

Keshi said...

I dun like mint flavor...:)


Menchie said...

Oh it's very yummy! Now I wonder if they have this flavor only in the Philippines. the one we eat is a local ice cream company brand.

that's too bad. I love it though! :D

Diesel said...

You're lucky that I just finished a Whopper shake, or I'd be mad at you for making me crave ice cream.

Adorable pics.

Keshi said...

I like Gerard flavor LOL!


Ces said...

I really love the bottom photograph. They are precious.