Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Movie Talk

Sometime last February 2007 I posted about how I loved reading The Time Traveler's Wife. Last weekend I saw the movie and fell in love with Henry and Clare all over again. I am such a fangirl.

I'm not so sure the movie did justice to the book (they almost never do, 'cept for the 1st Harry Potter film) but I liked it just the same. I thought they did a good job with the casting -- Eric Bana was the perfect Henry and I loved the little girl who played Clare. And all the naked shots of Eric every time he travels didn't hurt, ha ha ha! Now if I could just find my copy of the book I'm going to reread the whole thing. And get the DVD. In blue ray.

Since it was a long weekend, I also got to watch The Proposal with my mom this time. It was a fluke cause we were supposed to see this Filipino film (And I Love You So) but it wasn't showing at the SM Malls. I'm the only one who sees local films with my mom, I see it as a bonding opportunity. So rather than go home, we just saw the Sandra Bullock film. It was ok, nothing spectacular. Except for Ryan Reynolds. Scarlett Johansson is one lucky girl.

Next movie in the to watch list is Up. it's another long weekend and we're seeing it with the kids. I can't wait.

Monday, August 17, 2009

You know you have to get a mobile for the baby when she starts talking to the dangling ribbon from a bookmark. My poor baby! Absolutely shameful, I know. But I was expecting to unearth the old crib mobile which I swear I put away from Faith's baby days. It's been three months and still no mobile.

Lucia's 14 weeks old and is charming everybody in the household. Her smile lights up her whole face and makes it impossible for you not to smile back. Our life with three children has settled into a sort of controlled chaos which I have grown quite comfortable with. It's still a struggle especially when we have to go out but nothing that a bit of planning ahead can't solve. You could say we've sort of hit our groove.

The two older kids are doing surprisingly well. No jealousy over the new baby. I have never seen such total adoration. It's been nonstop fights though -- they fight over everything from who gets to sit/lie next to the baby to why the baby doesn't look at him/her. Sometimes it drives me crazy. There are times when I just want some space -- just me and Lucia, with no cartoons blaring in the background or fights to referee.

Nowadays I treasure weekends when the baby and I can lie in till 8 or 9 am. Joshua and Faith are both early risers but they're old enough to get out of the room by themselves and eat their breakfast. Most times when we finally get up, I find them peacefully finishing their food while watching cartoons. They are also considerate enough not to make noise (most of the time) so we won't wake up. That's when it hits me that they're no longer babies and are perfectly capable of fending for themselves for an hour or so without needing mommy so much. Sniff!

And when I look at my newest baby, I feel a certain kind of sadness at the certainty that this will be the last newborn that I will hold and cuddle. The way my Lucia is growing so fast makes me want to hold time still so I can enjoy her babyhood for a little while longer. But the excitement of knowing what she'll be like as a toddler and little girl sometimes makes me wish she'd grow up faster.

I'm schizophrenic that way.