Tuesday, March 20, 2012

This year is turning out to be a travel year for the family.  We just came from a trip to Hong Kong with the gremlins and I've booked us a flight to Bohol sometime August.  Thank goodness for Cebu Pacific promos! 

After a tiring trip to HK, I promised myself the next family trip will be all about relaxation.  I didn't realize how tiring it would be to visit amusement parks with three children in tow.  I realized HK is not a very child friendly place to travel to especially with a toddler in a stroller (a 38 pound toddler).  We stayed in Sheung Wan which is just one stop away from Central Station but the darn MTR entrances didn't have any elevators.  Just stairs and scary fast escalators.  Which is a no-no if you're carting along a toddler in a stroller.  So it was an endless process of getting the diaper bag off, getting Lucia off (it was doubly hard if she was sleeping), folding the stroller, and...you get the drift.  The stroller is MUCH lighter than Lucia, by the way.  A fact I realized on our last day when I asked the hubby to carry her when she was sleeping while I lugged the stroller and diaper bag.

So it was the usual hectic and physically tiring (walking all over and dealing with meltdowns) vacation.  The kind where you need a vacation after the vacation.  So yeah, am looking forward to three days of sun (crossing my fingers), sand and surf!