Monday, June 30, 2008

Heard in the car today

"Yay! School!!!"

This from the boy who spent the first two weeks in tears and clinging to my leg. Things got a lot better since we let him watch the Sneezing Panda video before he got off. I am happy to announce that he doesn't even need that anymore. As I suspected, he only needed to make new friends to make him comfortable.

Now if i can only muster enough enthusiasm to announce....."Yay! Work!!!"

Nope......can't do it.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Couple of things on my mind

Why do schools assign homework for pre-schoolers that they know they can't possibly do by themselves??? On top of everything else I have to keep track of, I've got homework. Which sucks, by the way.

Zara sale is ON! My shopping gene is doing the dance of joy....

Check out the sneezing panda on You Tube (just search for sneezing panda). It is the sole reason why Joshua finally stopped bawling on the way to big school. Just make him watch it on the PDA before he gets off and its no more tears mommy! Frankly, I didn't think it was ever going to stop. It was something I never experienced when I was little and I was kind of at a loss in terms of knowing how to make him stop. Endless pep talks did NOT work. I was late for work for two weeks! Did your kids cry when they went to big school? How long before they stopped???

My weekend's pretty full starting with dinner with girlfriends tonight (can't get even a little bit tipsy as I am driving tonight). Tomorrow's my dad's birthday and we're having a bunch of people over, mostly family. Then there's the groceries and supervising the kids' homework. Wonder if the hubby and I can fit in a movie somewhere......

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


...back into blogging! It's been ages and ages!!

A recap of what I've been up to...

- Both kids' birthdays celebrated without much fanfare, just a one on one day with me ending with dinner and cake and presents at home. Check out this pic of Joshua blowing his cake in our messy kitchen/dining area.

- Faith's ballet recital. Pics below. There was a bit of drama that day, when I left the backstage after the 1st half break, she fell to pieces and refused to dance in the second half. But oh, she danced beautifully during the first half! My bad, actually. I shouldn't have gone backstage to check on her. She was totally ok during the dress rehearsal. My mom already nailed my hide to the wall for that little bit of stupidity.

Faith, Joshua and cousin Tina before the recital

Costume for the second half

During rehearsals

- School's just started last week for Joshua and yesterday for Faith. You will not believe the document I received from Joshua's teacher yesterday. It's his curriculum for the first quarter (june - august). All seventeen freaking pages of it! I kid you not. And he's only Prep! He's got six subjects and is expected to take his first long test in Filipino next week.

Hard to believe I've stayed away from the blog for so long. But I think I needed the break. I got to focus on other things that needed to be done and others that I just wanted to do for the heck of it (like watch all the movies I wanted or make a dent on my pile of books).