Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Trick or Treat!

Thought I'd show you what the kids wore to their Mid-Year party at school last Friday. The theme was Enchanted Forest. I took a half day off work and played hooky with the kids till lunchtime. It was so hot and humid but I had lots of fun ogling the costumes!

Take a gander of my own fairy princess Faith in her fairy princess costume courtesy of my fabulous aunt who sent it from the U.S.

Joshua got a Buzz Lightyear costume which he couldn't wear to school so I had to scramble for another costume at the last minute. He went as a bear, which he thought was cool, thank goodness.

Here's Faith's Nursery class.

And Joshua's Senior Kinder class. Take note of the kid in the bird costume. Heard he just got out from the hospital the day before but insisted on going to school to wear his costume. I would've gone to school too if it were me.

Have a Happy Halloween everyone!


Diesel said...

How freaking cute is Faith?

Pretty freaking cute, that's how.

Keshi said...

very cute...not freaky at all LOL!

**Buzz Lightyear

so he turned into a bear now? awwwwwwww :)

Hv a good one Menchie!

Pacha said...

They are gorgeous Menchie! Glad you all had fun (did you dress up too?) Why wasn't Joshua allowed to be Buzz? Ah but he makes a lovely bear too!!! Faith is gorgeous too...

Very cute indeed!

Menchie said...

Am gonna tell Faith she has a fan. LOL!

But she IS pretty cute. :D

yeah, he wore the Buzz costume at another event where my mom failed to take pictures. have a great rest of the week, kesh! we're on holiday till Friday! Yay!

Nah, I didn't dress up. Which was a good thing cause I would've drowned in sweat.

Didn't want Joshua to feel left out from the theme so I told him he could wear the Buzz costume in another Halloween party.

Are your kids doing the Halloween thingie too?

SabineM said...

What great costumes!
We are about to put our on! Happy Halloween!

Keshi said...


LOL @banana dressup!


SabineM said...

I have tagged you!

The New Parent said...

Hi M--some very cute photos!

Also, I'm tagging you for a 5 links tag. Check it out and I hope you have time to participate (smile)!

Marie said...

How sweet! Great costumes.

JO-N said...

Faith is a lovely fairy. Can I make a wish?

Big Pumpkin said...

Oh.....the kids look so adorable!!!