Thursday, November 29, 2007

Anywhere but here

It seems all I have time for nowadays are once a week posts. It's been a busy week and thankfully, my weekend's starting early. Tomorrow's a holiday commemorating one of our national heroes.

Right now, a military group has taken over a local five star hotel protesting the current government. It's the same group that took over the Oakwood hotel couple of years ago. They've allegedly been joined by two bishops (not sure, haven't been listening to the news at work). This is happening right at the heart of the business district and people have been let out of work early due to safety.

EDSA, the main thoroughfare, has been closed to traffic and people expect the police to storm the hotel shortly. My husband is already on his way home, having found someone to hitch a ride with (the car's with me) since I doubt I will be able to enter the area. Traffic, as expected is already bad everywhere. In fact, I'm wondering how I'm going to get home.

Things are really looking bad. Can't blame the group for protesting. The country's going to pieces -- poverty is at an all time high (two children have committed suicide citing severe poverty as the reason), the government's greed and corruption is vulgar (they're not even bothering to hide it well).

So sorry for the doom and gloom post. It's times like these when I really think about migrating to another country. This situation is what my kids and my (future) grandchildren will be growing up to. That's just sad.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Waiting for the Weekend

This is what was right next to me since yesterday. Have no idea how many I've eaten.

Am tired from lack of sleep and a tantrum from Faith that involved a lot of crying and screaming and me cleaning up her vomit from the floor. The smell of sick never fails to make me gag. I'd rather pick up a dead cockroach (which is the hubby's job -- after I kill it).

Thank goodness it's Friday and time for me to head for home. Now I just have to wade through rush hour traffic. How fun.

Tomorrow is Joshua's exam for the Prep level so am keeping my fingers crossed. Then we are watching Enchanted in the afternoon.

Have a good weekend folks!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I can already feel the cool wind blowing every time I exit the office building to get to the parking lot. It's only 6pm but it is completely dark outside.

Yep, it's that time of the year again.

Despite the explosion that killed several people at the mall around a month ago, the malls are bursting with holiday shoppers. I'm glad I'm 73% done with my shopping. So it says in my excel spreadsheet. Hmmpphhh. Yeah, so I'm OC about making lists. My worksheet goes back to...(checking spreadsheet)... *gasp* 2002?

I'm trying not to run around like a chicken without a head (ever seen one do that? I have. Darn funny once you get over the ICK factor) this year. I've got school stuff to take care of , toys and clothes to sort and give away, a garage sale to organize, remaining presents to buy plus work.

I'm trying to savor the last few weekends of November before it gets really hectic next month. Meanwhile, I wanted to share pictures taken last weekend from a Grandparents' Day at school and two birthday parties the kids were invited to.

Josh and Faith clowning around while waiting for the program to start. Only the Nursery and Pre-Nursery class are included in the program.

Inside the classroom where the grandparents had to do an activity with their grandkids. That's my mom.

Faith's number about to start.

They did the Five Little Monkeys song. I was able to videotape the whole thing. It was so cute!

She had her face painted at the birthday party.

The two of them had fun at the playground at the other birthday party the next day.

Weekends are getting crazier and crazier!

Happy thanksgiving to those who are celebrating it this weekend! :D

Monday, November 12, 2007

The one with the ring

Something Diesel said in a comment in the previous post made me remember an incident that happened three years ago.

You know how women tend to bloat when pregnant? Well, unless you're Heidi Klum, of course. Anyway, I usually stop wearing my engagement and wedding rings at the onset of the 6th month of pregnancy cause they don't fit anymore.

It was about four months after giving birth to Faith that I decided to try on my rings. It was only 5:15am and I didn't have to leave for work for another 15 mins. The kids and the hubby were still deeply asleep in the bedroom.

You kinda know where this is going right?

I took out my rings from the jewelry box and put the wedding ring on. So far, so good. Then I put the engagement ring on top of it. It fits!! I looked at my hand and noticed it still looked a bit tight. Maybe next month, I thought and decided to take it off.

I pulled and pulled and pulled. Could. Not. Take. It. Off.

I washed my hands and soaped the finger thoroughly. Nuh uh. Tried baby oil. Still not working.

It was when my finger started getting really red that I woke up my husband. He couldn't believe what was happening at first then I showed him my finger. He suggested soaking in cold water. Then hot water. My finger (the top part) now looked like a small Hungarian sausage. I had visions of my ring finger getting amputated.

I ended up in the emergency room at 6:15 in the morning. I felt so stupid when the nurse asked what was wrong and I had to show her my finger. And no, I don't need a wheelchair, thank you very much.

What are the chances of an emergency room doctor having a contraption that cuts rings off? It looked like a plier only it had something round that cuts the metal off the finger. How lucky am I???? Pretty darn lucky for a stupid girl who should've known better. The orderly who assisted said I was lucky Dr. Ring-plier was on duty. The last time someone's ring had to be cut off (*sniff* I'm not the only one, I guess), they had to use a steel saw. And there was blood.

The hubby, now that he knew the finger was not going to be amputated, started to laugh in the car on the way back to the house. No amount of dirty looks and slaps could stop him.

I took the day off from work. Better than having to explain the angry red finger that still looked like a sausage.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

I was just thinking that seven years ago, I was on my honeymoon. By this time on that week (Nov 8) hubby had already lost his wedding ring on the beach. AFTER I warned him not to wear it as it might get lost in the surf. He was understandably upset and for posterity, I took a picture of him searching in the sand for the ring. Tomorrow would be the day that we went island hopping. I remember throwing up in a (thankfully empty) shopping bag that belonged to a Japanese girl sitting next to me when we stopped for snorkelling just off the beautiful beach in Phi Phi Island. Very embarrassing.

Sometimes it feels like we've been married forever. And I mean that in a good way.

We still make each other laugh. A lot. And we still fight very rarely.

It's been a great seven years.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007


The road to weight loss has never tasted this good.

- Japanese Sesame Dressing
- Romaine Lettuce
- Mandarin Oranges
- Crunchy Cashew Nuts

I've been having this for lunch for the past two days. Really, really yummy! I don't even feel that I'm on a diet.

First dress fitting for the wedding in three weeks! Aaaaarrrgggghhhh! Maybe watching multiple episodes of Ugly Betty wasn't such a good idea.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

All Saint's Day

Every 1st of November, people flock to the cemeteries to visit their departed loved ones. I'm sure this isn't unusual but over here, it's more than just a short visit and a prayer. It's an occasion to gather and eat and talk. It's like a party actually.

I remember when we used to go to North Cemetery in La Loma. We'd have to park somewhere far because roads would be closed to accommodate the crowds. Then we'd walk for more than an hour through crowds so thick, you don't even have to walk on your own sometimes. The press of the crowd would keep you moving.

We transferred our grandfather's remains to a nearby memorial park and it became easier. Now I have both sets of grandparents and an aunt in the same place. I left the kids at home this year with the hubby. I didn't think the crowd and the heat and hanging out the whole day at the cemetery would be good for them.

We still had to park a short distance away, below are my siblings while they walked behind me and my mom (she had an umbrella!). You can see we try to dress for comfort as the heat can become unbearable! Cars are lined up going inside (it's hardly moving, I don't know why they bother).

Scenes from the cemetery. Tents like the ones below lined up as far as the eye can see.

You can see how crowded it can get with a lot of people cramped over a small plot of land. Despite this, people stay from morning till night, even spending the night sometimes (Oct 31 to Nov 1).

Lunchtime! Typical Filipino food -- Grilled liempo (pork), diced tomatoes and onions with red egg, the ever present green mangoes, my Dad's bopis (don't know the english name for this) and tuna pasta that I prepared. The one below is what we call talangka. I don't eat it now (though my mom says I used to) but they like it. Ewww!

Is it too weird that I didn't take pictures during my vacation but I took pics of the cemetery trip?