Monday, July 23, 2007

You Want Some?

Every morning, my husband prepares this for me:

My daily dose of antioxidants. That's my five pieces of pitted dried prunes, in case you're wondering. Um, after it's been mashed by the various contents of my humongous bag. But hey, it's still clean. And tastes the same even if they've been smushed beyond recognition into one big piece instead of 5 little ones.

Nobody but me wants to eat it. Unless they're really, really hungry. But only when there's no other alternative.

My friend says it looks gross. I kinda agree.

It looks like a lump of (fill in the blank).

I'm feeling (and looking) like that little lump. Caught Joshua's bad cold and have a splitting headache. I knew I shouldn't have gotten up this morning.


kj said...

mench, it looks gross. that's all i can say. very gross.


Menchie said...


yeah it does. but it still tastes good. yum!

off to go home now. taking a half day off because i feel really crummy. runny nose, headache, sore throat. Ugh!

Keshi said...

sorry Menchie it looks a bit grosss to me LOL!

But I know Prunes r GREAT for anyone.


houseband00 said...

Prunes are fantastic, Menchie! I can actually finish a box. =)

If you find it looks gross (which, honestly, it really does!), then change the packaging. You can pick up one of those small inexpensive lidded plastic boxes from SM or Rustan's. =)

I hope you and your son are feeling better.

SabineM said...

Ok that picture looks HORRIBLE!
But Love prunes...
Hope you feel better soon. HOW Is HArry POTTER?

Pacha said...

When I first saw it I thought it had to be somesort of illegal substance!!! (I'm still not sure) Sorry you are ill - get well soon!

aminah said...

menchie drink ginger tea with honey or brown sugar!!! and rest!!! xx

homo escapeons said...

I thought that your hubby took the Dog for a walk every morning and brought home their doo doo to prove that he walked him
...and maybe you were one of those people who needed to see their puppy's poop every morning to 'diagnose' how their wittle furry baby is 'feeling' on that particular day.

Don't laugh, I know people like that and I am sure that you doo doo too.

I know that you are not obssessed..SHEESH...I hope that you feel better's awful when everybody is sick. blecch!

Marie said...

Yuk! That looks horrible. I wouldn't eat it. Take a vitamin pill instead.

Hope you feel better soon.

Hildegarde said...

Beyond recognition : indeed :-) Get better soon !!

Menchie said...


gross, isn't it?

i've taken the day off today and am feeling better after the rest.

the appearance doesn't really put me off, though. they still taste good.

i've finished it. loved it!

thank you, am feeling better though totally not over the cold.

not too much of a tea drinker but I like peppermint tea. it did make me feel better yesterday.

yeah, it looks like dog poo. LOL!

two of us down so far with the flu, am hoping no one else will catch it so am keeping my fingers (and toes) crossed.

yeah, my friends don't even want to look at it. :D

thanks! :D

Ms. Val said...


I need to drop a few pounds. I could look at this picture whenever I have a chocolate craving.

Laurie said...

My dad used to eat prunes as well, until we discovered Activia Yogurt, which does the exact same thing, without the horrible taste.

How nice of your hubby to do that for you.


Aidan said...

Pass the prunes please...

I love fruit, figs and all kinds of smelly ones. Durian was a chalenge though (dragon fruit i think) , that was a little too pungent for me.

Menchie said...

Ms. Val,
I've got a couple more packages of these. you want me to send you some to help you lose the weight? *grin*

I actually like the taste of prunes. :D

I've never tasted fresh Durian fruit but I have smelled it. I've only tried the candied version.

Cazzie!!! said...

I hope you get over it really soon. That is a great idea for anti oxidants. If it were for making your bowel motions softer, I would haqve suggested 100% pear juice, just a 1/4 of a cup every morning does the trick.

Menchie said...

a bit better but still with the blasted cold. been nursing peppermint tea the whole day i'm sick of it!

Diesel said...

Is the idea that after you eat that stuff, being sick doesn't seem so bad in comparison?

Menchie said...

nah, i'd take prunes over being sick any day!

Dh@v@! said...

oh really???

but the picutre says something else


Laurie said...

:-O You like the taste of prunes? Holy hannah! I don't think I could ever gag them down. I love the taste of brussel sprouts though (my son used to call them muscle sprouts), so to each there own, right?


kj said...

mench, you have to post something new. i can't stand looking at that bag of ---- any longer.

please, menchie, so i can visit you with the smile you so richly deserve.....(haha)


Menchie said...

yep, to each her own...just the thought of brussel sprouts....ugh! :D


ok! ok! let me see what i can do. :D

Menchie said...

no, really. :D

Caroline said...

I am slightyl scared by it! ;-)

Hope your head is ok honey

-Princess Shin- said...

Haha.. that looks kinda scary!

SO did you enjoy The Harry Potter movie in the end? I didn't really like it!

I bought my no.7 Harry Potter book too!! Hurray for me! Wahaha..

SabineM said...

Did you finish Harry Potter?

Ms. Val said...

No, thanks, Menchie. Just looking at that picture is all the appetite suppressant I need.

crazyBugga said...

at first glance, it looked like a chicken snatched out of the egg before complete development...
than i read ur post... good for u!

Keshi said...

get well soon Menchie sweetz!


Menchie said...

I don't blame you. :D

The movie was ok, better than the 3rd one at least. How far are you with the book?

yup! since last Monday. J.K. Rowling didn't disappoint. I loved it.

Ms. Val,
too bad it doesn't do the same thing to MY appetite.

hey, thanks for dropping by. :D

thanks! i know you just recovered from your own bout of (sexy) flu. :D