Friday, October 03, 2008

It's Friday night and I'm bored (and nauseous)...

Thought I'd post some new pictures from a new batch of photos we had taken recently. My kids look all grown up.

This one is mischievous as ever. Saucy and sassy and sooooooo naughty! She's doing great in school though she still misses going to school with her brother.

And this cutie has been getting tremendously high grades in school -- math, science, english, etc. He's a candidate for a first honor award in October. If that happens, someone's going to have a Star Wars Light Saber before Christmas. :D

Please forgive me if I'm less chatty lately. Not feeling too good (translation: I feel like death) these days. My gag reflex is working overtime -- every time I smell something, I gag. Even water has a smell.

Baby number three's gender remains a surprise for now. I'd be happy with either but I must admit to having a preference. I'd kind of like to have another girl. So she and Faith can talk to each other while growing up. Because, you gotta admit, you don't tell your mother everything.

I'd like for them to have someone to confide in, assuming they won't want to constantly kill each other like some siblings I know.

Anyway, I'm being maudlin. Excuse me while I gag.