Friday, March 25, 2011

Been busy with...

Home Organization.  My small home office is done and I am loving working from home around twice a week.  The inner OC in me is filled with glee. Am loving the fact that there is a place for everything -- school supplies, important documents and files as well as pictures, board games and yes, even scratch paper!  You know how when you have kids and you find crayons everywhere BUT the box? Well now I've collected all the loose crayons, put them all in a big box and whip it out whenever Lucia feels like drawing.  I am finally getting the most out of the iHome that the hubby so thoughtfully got for me.  I figured out that I can link it to my iPhone via bluetooth and voila! Instant speaker phone!  I can take my phone meetings at home in a very quiet place.   

The other half of the room (it's a really small room) has a place for the printer.  I have one big window which provides a lot of natural light in the daytime.  And because the room's small, just one stand fan makes it comfortable enough to work in.  The window seat doubles up as a place to put files in -- I saw this in a magazine and decided I didn't need to buy a mobile drawer which looks too "industrial".  This has a LOT of space inside where I put half used school notebooks for scratch paper and other school supplies like folders/brown envelopes/etc.  And, oh yeah, that window seat is also good for naps!  Ha ha ha! 

On the right, I had a narrow shelf made to put other heavy business books (Jun has lots!) interspersed with decorative boxes which holds loose photographs which I have yet to put in albums and other important keepsakes (Joshua's first communion kit, etc).  And, of course, the board games I am currently collecting.  They used to be everywhere and we could never find one when we wanted to play.  It figures I have two Taboo! games -- I bought a new one in desperation for an out of town trip because I couldn't find the previous one I got.  I just got Jenga today to replace the one the kids messed up when they were little.  I know I have Word Factory somewhere but I haven't seen it lately.  I'd like to add a really nice Backgammon game to the collection soon. 

It took me and the hubby two weekends to get this small room in shape when the carpenter and painter were done but it was worth it!  The whole first floor of the house is fixed.  Used up four XXL trash bags for all the useless stuff. 

 Lastly, this is my new shoe and bag closet.  Not quite Carrie Bradshaw standards but I love it just the same.  My bathroom's all organized after about two trips to Muji.  Now it takes about one third the time to get the bathroom all cleaned up.  This exercise also forced me to edit a lot of things.  Am thinking of holding a garage sale or something.  But only after I've tackled the nightmare of the kids' toys which are all in the second floor of the house. 

After all this activity, I got sick for a couple of days.  Still don't know when I can get to doing the second floor and the bedroom but maybe next weekend since the kids are on summer vacation and there's no need for homework supervision next weekend!