Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I totally blame Pinterest for the lack of blog posts.  Ever since I got signed up, it's been pinterest every spare minute of time I have.  It's a fantastic cornucopia of a lot of things -- design ideas, food, clothes, etc.  I get especially hooked on decorating and organizing ideas for when I get a chance to build my dream home.  I've repinned some awesome library ideas and kiddie bedrooms.

Apart from that, weekends have been pretty busy of late.  February is when all the Family Day activities in school are held.  Then the Father-Son Camping (which I wanted to crash! boohoo!) and then exam period.  We were homebound this weekend due to the long tests scheduled this week and then the kids get a break with a family trip.  Needless to say, packing for 5 people one of which still needs diapers and formula bottles isn't the easiest thing in the world to do.

Lots of last minute stuff to take care of for work and then packing the rest of the things needed for the trip.  Later!