Sunday, May 03, 2009

Shu Uemura Make - Up Brush set

I was never a make-up sort of girly girl until a few years ago.  I was just an Ivory soap and water kind of girl when I first started working.  I remember one job interview when the
 interviewer (female) even advised me to wear makeup because I looked too young.  

Fast forward to 2009.  I have since learned the merits of a good moisturizer especially if you have no plans of resorting to plastic surgery (or botox!) in the future.   I now have a more than passing acquaintance with makeup thanks to fashion magazines and a gay friend who taught me the basics. I still don't know what color eye shadow to use except neutrals but 
I can at least apply foundation and blush!

Which brings me to why I am writing this post in the first place.  Some generous soul at Beauty for a Living is giving away a free set of Shu Uemura brushes in a very pretty Mika Ninagawa kit.

According to the blog: Shu Uemura describes this super pretty set: "Carry your brushes in a portable Mika Ninagawa work of art! Purple on the outside with a special Mika red rose photograph lining the inside, the limited-edition brush case includes a set of four Shu Uemura brushes, each handmade in Japan by professional artisens for optimal makeup application for the face, cheek, eye and lip."  The set includes 4 brushes: goat brush for the face, pony and squirrel brush for cheeks, sable and kolinsky brush for eyes, and sable brush for lips.

Now all you need to do is write about the contest, link the author's post and leave a comment on her blog that you've posted about the contest.  It's open to all (not just the Philippines) and she will ship anywhere in the world.  

Just because I'm pregnant and about to pop doesn't mean I can't still be vain, right?


The Beauty Writer said...

Hey! Thanks for joining my giveaway. Good luck to you--I've heard that preggy women attract good luck (that's why the Chinese think it's bad luck to invite pregnant women to weddings because the preggy woman will suck up all the good luck na dapat for the bride and groom!) so good luck!

Menchie said...

Beauty Writer,

I didn't know about that particular Chinese belief. I only know about the funerals. Anyway, I hope I win! :D

Stace said...

I've never been much of a make-up person either... I occasionally put some on when I get into a bit of a weird mood - or when I want to look considerably better than I feel! I moisturise daily, but other than that it's all just too much effort!

Stace said...

I'll never forget one day when I was a kid, I very helpfully told my mum "That make-up you're wearing makes you look old," and she told me she wasn't wearing make-up!!! I guess I'd just never really seen her without it before that. Weird :)

Keshi said...

I've never been a make-up chick either...only very light make-up and that too rarely.



Keshi said...

And oyeah u r allowed to be VAIN as long as ur a female ;-)



Menchie said...


When I was your age I didn't bother very much with make-up but I did moisturize. It's funny but it all started when I got pregnant with Faith. All those female hormones finally kicked in, I guess. :D

I can't believe you told your mom that! LOL!

too true!!! pregnancy has not stopped me from being vain!

Keshi said...

ur better than me girl. I think if I was pregs, I'd take the mirror and hair-iron all the way to the delivery room LOL!