Friday, April 24, 2009

35 Weeks and counting

At 35 weeks....

- I cannot stop eating chocolate.  Ever try Royce's Nama chocolates in Cacao?  To die for!  But since they are ridiculously expensive, I calm my cravings with Maltesers.  Anyone who comes close to getting my precious maltesers from me has to be very brave.  Except my fellow chocoholic Faith, of course.

- I keep dreaming about Tsunamis.  Small ones, not the gigantic Deep Impact movie kind of thing. Totally weird.  And going to Sydney. 

- Every morning when I wake up, I say hello to my feet.  It's the only time I see them normal looking.  Most of the day I have bloated little sausages that pass for toes.

- I miss -- my nose, wearing high heels, being able to carry Faith, sleeping on my back, wearing my wedding and engagement rings.

- The other night I had to go pee three times in 5 minutes.  That must've been some sort of a record.  


Laurie said...

Chocolate is good anytime, but most especially when you are expecting!

Stace said...

I've been trying so hard to limit my chocolate intake... and sugar in general... but but but, I'm pregnant and I want it!!! I know what you mean about weird dreams... the other night I dreamed that my boss told me off for not working hard enough so I quit! And it was completely ridiculous, because I've never worked so hard in my life as I have at my current job! lol

kj said...

hello menchie. you're having quite a time, aren't you?!


Keshi said...

Chocs r alright but Tsunami?

**Small ones, not the gigantic Deep Impact movie kind of thing. Totally weird. And going to Sydney.

SYDNEY? u mean a Tsunami is gonna come n kill me? LOL!

TC hun!


Menchie said...


so, so true! :D

i read somewhere that when you're pregnant you really get very vivid and weird dreams.

hey girl! yes I am. but i can't wait to meet the little one.

he he. no, different dreams. one is about tsunamis and the other one was about me packing up to go to Sydney! maybe to visit you!

Keshi said...

o u in Syd wud be just WOW! ;-)


angels4kids said...

Love Sydney. Love Maltesers. Had a taste of both last week.