Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What's on TV?

It's a rare night when I can watch tv uninterrupted.  Most days it's all you can watch Playhouse Disney channel.  Tonight I'm left behind as everyone goes to my brother's exhibit.  

Right now I'm watching Gordon Ramsay yelling at some General Manager on Kitchen Nightmares. First time I've seen this show and I am loving it!  I've been enjoying Nigella and Curtis Stone earlier.  And also seen Sex and the City on DVD.

On the Tyra Banks show, they were talking about how this "expert" can tell whether a couple is likely to get divorced or not.  Apparently, an example is how couples can still be positive while having an argument.  Upon being asked for an example by Tyra, he said that some couples can sit back from an argument and say something positive like, "I like the shoes you're wearing tonight." WTH!!!! So next time you have an argument with your spouse or significant other, take a break and say something nice about their shoes...or hair.  Whatever.

I think I still have room for some Disney cartoons.  They make more sense to me.




I read about your 'scare' and I'm glad that you are getting a little extra time to incubate. Wow!

Gordon Ramsay needs a good shot in the knackers! he is so bloody rude I don't know why anyone would take that sh*t from him? He needs to be in anger management classes with Dr Phil!

I hope that your personal timeout was delightful.
Take care and I look forward to the big day.

xx oo
Donn :)

Menchie said...

He does come across as very rude and am wondering if he's ever come to blows with someone over the course of the show. he is very passionate about what he's good at.

Keshi said...

**So next time you have an argument with your spouse or significant other, take a break and say something nice about their shoes...or hair.

very interesting tip! As hard as it may sound, Im sure we all can try that :) It might actually make u a positive person and even help with the argument hehe.

I learnt something today Menchie, tnxx!


Keshi said...

btw I love Gordon Ramsay!


Menchie said...

Hey keshi!
I found it funny really but I guess in theory you can try it and good if it works. Personally, I don't think I can do that. And yes, despite the anger management issues, I really like Gordon Ramsay!

Keshi said...

u know I used to be so ruthless during arguments..I used to sound like a selfish cow who always wanted to win. :) I admit it. I was BAD BAD BAD hehe.

but now, I hv really mellowed down a bit...part of it cud be cos Im getting older and mature, but it sorta happened all of a sudden. now I hardly hv arguments with anyone at home or with friends. even when I do, it will be a soft-spoken one with very few words. cos I cannot be bothered being angry anymore :)


kj said...

hahaha! you can't have a bad tv night menchie if you watch even one sex & the city.

how are you? how are the kids?