Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Sunday scare

Quite possibly the most frightening thing that you can think about happening when you're pregnant happened last Sunday morning.

We were spending the weekend at the Mandarin Oriental and we were going to have breakfast downstairs.  So after extricating myself from Faith's death grip on my neck, I went to the bathroom.  (Warning:  TMI!!!)  Imagine my horror when I looked at the toilet bowl to flush after peeing and seeing blood.   Lots of it.  I actually had Jun take a picture so we could show it to the doctor.  And no, am not going to post it here to spare you the gory details.

I made a frantic call to my OB and was instructed to head straight to the Delivery Room.  I called up my parents to pick up the kids at the hotel and bring them home then we hurriedly packed and checked out.  

I was immediately hooked up to a fetal monitor and sure enough, I was having contractions although there was no more bleeding.  They gave me a shot of medication to make the contractions stop and kept me there for a while.  So, long story short, I am now under instructions to stay in bed for a week with a follow up check up with my doctor on Saturday.  

It's been two days and I never thought I'd say this but it is soooo boring.  The grass really is much greener.  If I was at the office, I'd be wishing I was at home.   But, there is only so much tv and reading you can do before you get a headache.  Plus I have a bad cough and cold too.  The kids, meanwhile, are very happy I am home.  My mother hardly get to see them which is probably a welcome relief from being with them the whole day while I am at work.

Anyway, Lucia seems to be allright.  I am hoping there will be no repeat of the Sunday morning episode for the rest of the week.  I would like to get back to work to finish commitments so I won't have anything hanging over my head while I am on maternity leave.  

Meanwhile, I'm just hanging around our room, watching endless Handy Manny and Ben Ten cartoons with the kids.  Oh, and eating belgian chocolate covered raisins.  Yum!


Caroline said...

Your baby ticker says 31 days to go - so please do rest and do take care x

Stace said...

Sounds terrifying :( I'm really glad everything seems to be ok, but sorry to hear you're bored! Just remember: it's for Lucia that you're bed-resting as well as for your own health!

Menchie said...

Am tentatively scheduled for a c-section on the 16th of May. Less than 31 days!

i know. i'd rather be bored than have Lucia be born early.

Stace said...

Is the reason for the C-Section because of this bleeding? I had no idea how common C-Sections were; I thought they were like, major emergency situations only, but apparently something like 1 in 4 Australian babies are born that way.

Menchie said...

Hey Stace,
no, it really is a scheduled c-section. primarily because both previous births have been c-sections already. the very first because of pre-eclampsia.

Big Pumpkin said...

Oh dear, you better take care and not push yourself over limits.....please put those work thoughts on the back burner, it's just not worth the risk. I have friends who have been bed-ridden for the whole 9 months due to incompetent cervix!

Keshi said...

o no Menchie plz take care!!

This post brought back memories of someone I knew...I really didnt wanna go there again :(

I just want u to take good care of urself luv. HUGS god bless!


Menchie said...

I think I know what you're talking about (read about it in your blog). I am praying that everything will be ok.

Keshi said...

omg u rem? WOW tnxx hun!

no, nothing like that wud happen to ya, GOD BLESS YA Menchie!

u will be ok. just TC.


kj said...

menchie, my jessica had a baby boy 4 weeks ago. his name is drew thomas. he is as cute as mr. ryan and jess is holding him every chance she gets. i love the whole thing.


angels4kids said...

Hope you have a safe delivery. Have you packed your hospital bag?

Menchie said...

i know! i saw him in your blog and he is a complete cutie!

thank you! and no, i haven't packed yet though my mom has been nagging me to do so. maybe this weekend.