Wednesday, July 18, 2007

My Happy Place

I was at my version of Disneyland last night. The grand opening of Fully Booked's flagship store. This one really rocks -- five whole floors filled with yummy book goodness. With a Starbucks on the third floor. The whole building surrounded by glass. Heaven. To think I almost didn't go (I obviously wasn't in the right frame of mind at the time). This is our version of Barnes & Noble.

So...last night. Free flowing red and white wine, starbucks coffee (frappuccinos in little espresso cups - cute!), hors d'oeuvres and goodies in every floor. I loved this huge tote bag (left) they gave away to guests with a quote from Seinfeld. Other goodies included a small booklet (A Short Introduction to Everything), pens and assorted CDs. I also consider an eyeful of the very good looking owner one of the goodies (tee hee!).

All in all, a very good night despite the heavy rain. My haul apart from the freebies? Jane Green's new novel Second Chances, two Kaskade CDs and because of my purchases, a free copy of this Lonely Planet book: A Journey through the best cities in the World.

My kudos to the owner for realizing book sluts like me need a place to haunt. I've been praying and praying for a place like B&N and now they've been answered.

I'm already planning my next time out -- more than just the usual hour of in and out browsing. Just myself, with no worries about having to leave right away or little ones getting bored or hungry or rowdy.

Me and books, coffee and my ipod.

Maybe on my birthday.


Pacha said...

THIS SOUNDS LIKE PARADISE! I want one of these near my home too!!!! Here in Italy the shopkeepers pounce on you as soon as you enter a bookshop and there are no bookshop with a cafè --- maybe I should open one up myself? (only problem is I probably would never open up to public and keep it all to myself!)

Menchie said...

it's quite some distance from where I live so it's not that convenient too -- about an hour's drive which really sucks. but my gosh, i find excuses to pass by at least once every week after work, usually on fridays.

why don't you open one? seriously. that's my dream. the gorgeous bachelor owner started with a really small bookstore and look at him now. still gorgeous *guffaw*.

Ahem *clears throat*, books are nice, no? :D

Marie said...

Sounds wonderful. My kind of place to hang out.

houseband00 said...

Aha! Something to check out this weekend. =)

Thanks, Menchie. =)

Within Without said...

You're more American than WE are, and that's saying a lot.

I know the value and peace of curling up with a good book. Go crazy, Mench.


Hildegarde said...

A giant bookstore : a place of temptation :-)

Keshi said...

It sounds like where I'd wanna be. NICE!

And when is ur bday Menchie?


Irene said...

How could we have missed each other that night??

I promise to introduce you to the owner first chance I get. ;p

Menchie said...

It is. I'm there at least once a week.

Ah, skipping it this weekend in favor of Powerbooks where I reserved a copy of HP7. I CANT WAIT!

Would that I have more time to do that. I mostly read in the car. Which sucks.

and I always give in to temptation. in the bookstore, I mean. heh heh

believe me, it's a great place. owner's very very cute. bday's not till sept. a long time away from my hooky plans!

Menchie said...


HA HA HA!!!! Don't tell Jun!!!! But he knows about the crush. :D

It was great talking on the phone with you -- i've missed our gossip sessions at the dorm. Let's get together next week for coffee.

Keshi said...

sept when?


Menchie said...


on the 10th. :D