Monday, July 16, 2007

Just a couple of things that made my weekend special:

A copy of Paullina Simon's The Summer Garden found at the bookstore last Friday night. The third book after The Bronze Horseman and Tatiana and Alexander. Again, I am almost reluctant to start reading, because it'll be over when I finish. I am forever grateful to the Book Bitches for introducing me to this author.

Black patent leather peep toe flats after weeks of searching for the perfect black flats. Not high at all, but not too flat. Believe me, it means something.

Listening to the fabulous choir singing at the wedding we attended last Saturday. Holding the hubby's hand throughout the ceremony and after.

Waking up late Saturday morning. Darn kids almost choked me to death with hugs cause they didn't want to get up yet. I liked it.

Piping hot pepperoni and cheese bread sticks from the Tea Square. Heaven. Must.get.more.

Car ride with just my siblings yesterday. Nothing special but it was to me.

Long emails from friends. Google reader set up by my darling, darling hubby.

How was your weekend?


Keshi said...

I'd love some of that hot cheese bread YUMMM!

**Black patent leather peep toe flats after weeks of searching for the perfect black flats

terrific! :)


Menchie said...

the bread is uber yummy! completely forgot about losing weight and ate three of those.

the shoes, what can i say? i'm an addict. LOL!

Harlot said...

Menchie, i'm just glad you liked PS. And thanks for letting me know about TSG here. My sister's school is near the Fort (UAAP) so will pick her up later. :P

I love cheese bread sticks!

Menchie said...

I've started it during my lunch hour. Don't you love the new FB? I could spend hours in there.

And I am also hounding FB about Eclipse. I bought Twilight for my niece for her birthday. So between you and me, FB better have Eclipse when it releases, or else!

houseband00 said...

It's nice to know that you had a great weekend, Menchie. =)

Mine was one full of food, words, and music. IOW: Karaoke party! =)

Cazzie!!! said...

The simple things are the most pleasant arent they Menchie?

Menchie said...

Karaoke -- something I'm not brave enough to try in public. My two sisters have fabulous singing voices, I got nada. 'cept the looks! LOL!!!! Kidding...

yep. they are. :D

Pacha said...

Ah! Your posts always make me stop rushing about like the madwoman I am and force me to focus on the details! I had a good weekend too - but I will come across smug since we are in full summer swing here! Lots of beach, playing in the sea and dancing.

So glad you had a special weekend. Thanks so much for sharing!

Marie said...

Lovely post. So nice to know that you had a great weekend.

kj said...

mench, you should sing anyway.

it's too fun to pass up and besides, you get points for bravery.



Aidan said...

mmm leather foorwear...

My weekend revolved around Harry Potter, 5 movies adn way too much chocolate...
Great times with my mates!

Menchie said...

I saw your beach pictures and I wish I was there with my kids, relaxing under the sun instead of rushing at work. :D

Thanks! I hope you had a fun weekend too!

Oh i sing, but mostly in front of my family and the kids. they don't appreciate it but they get a laugh out of it, at least.

you have to tell me how the HP movie was! I haven't seen it yet. Movies and chocolate, your weekend rocked too!

Keshi said...

I need anti-shoe rehab.


Diesel said...

How cute is your daughter? I don't really have anything to say, but every time I see your profile pic I just marvel over how adorable she is.

I need to talk my wife into having another kid.

Menchie said...

i need to be in shopping rehab. Badly!

aw, i get a lot of that whenever we're out in public. she's cheeky too and not shy around strangers so that adds to her appeal. i pity the boys she comes across with when she grows up. they won't stand a chance.

well good luck with Mrs. Diesel. :D