Friday, July 20, 2007

On Weekend Mode already

Yaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!! It's Friday!!!!!!

I went to the bookstore again last night to pick up some books that have arrived for me. Lazily browsed for a couple of minutes before leaving to pick up the hubby from his office. I was waiting for the traffic light to turn green, totally immersed in the CD I was playing when I heard it -- beep! beep! beep! beep!. The car on my right was impatient to move, I thought. Beep! Beep! BEEP! BEEP! Freaking irritated, I turned to look and saw three men staring right at me. I thought I left a car door or the trunk open. But I didn't. I checked to see if the doors were locked and sped away the minute the light turned green. Creepy!

It'll be a late night for me -- first parents meeting in school from 5 till 8pm then we will hopefully be able to catch the HP movie late at 9. Kids are sleeping with their grandparents tonight. Joshua was a bit feverish this morning but I hope he'll feel better later otherwise I will feel too guilty to go out for a movie.

But I will definitely be up bright and early tomorrow morning for Harry Potter 7. Bookstore opens at 7:01 am.

Me and Harry this weekend. Everyone else will just have to talk to the hand.


Keshi said...

lol Menchie @talk to the hand.

btw r ya hanging ard that bookstore too much cos of other reasons? ;-)


Keshi said...

btw I think u have published this post twice?


Menchie said...


OMG, I did! Thanks for pointing it out. deleted it already.

as for my bookstore visits, i'm not admitting anything... LOL!

Marie said...

Those creepy guys in the car would have freaked me out too.

Hope you have a great weekend!

Pacha said...

T*ssers! Just who do they think they are creeping you out like that? (These things freak me out and anger me in equal measure). You should get a sticker that says 'I go boxing' or something and stick it on the back on your car (or on these mens faces)!

Bookshop AND gorgeous owner - that sounds like Garden of Eden (the forbidden fruit being the fruit or the gorgeous owner?...God, I definitely am the serpent! I don't even know why I have gone all biblical here! Bible. There's another book!)

HAVE A FANTASTIC WEEKEND...I really do hope Joshua is better!

Diesel said...

You're not used to men staring at you yet?

I'm sure my wife will be picking up the HP book this weekend too. She's all excited. I only read the first one, but it was pretty good. Just never got around to reading the rest.

SabineM said...

HI, just came to your blog from Caroline Smailes blog (comments)
I am a blog and book- aholic as well. I love your comment about sometimes preferring books to people. I AM RIGHT THERE WITH YOU on that one!
I can't say I share the passion of harry with you,Like Diesel I stopped at number 1. I really should catch up.! AND you sound like my daughter when you say "TALK TO THE HAND!" I am laughing that the saying carries all the way to the Philippines! Will be back

kj said...

have a great weekend menchie. i just love looking forward to a book i can't wait to get into. our copy should arrive on monday.

i hope you made it to the movie tonight. i've only read to book 4 so i have some catching up to do.

hey, i see a new bio on your blog. (is it new?). funny, i'm an introvert too who has learned social skills. since i genuinely like people, it's all fine.


Menchie said...


I can just imagine you going through your thought processes as you wrote. :D

Joshua had fever again last night and a bad cough. Didn't get enough sleep last night. Not a very good weekend so far, but at least I have harry potter 7 now. :D

Well, not that way. That was just scary in a harrassing sort of way.

The hubby hasn't read past the first HP book too. No matter how much I try to influence...

Hey! Thanks for dropping by fellow bookaholic! :D How old is your daughter?

We made it to the movie but Josh has had fever again so i am on standby today in case i need to get him to the hospital.

Yes, posted a new bio on my profile. I like people too but sometimes being with company all the time exhausts me. Funny, isn't it?

Stace said...

Have you finished Harry yet? I read the whole thing on Saturday, I loved it!!!

Menchie said...

Gosh Stace! You're waaaaay ahead of me. not even halfway yet. But I've been really really BAD. I already know how it ended.

Dan said...

Happy weekend Menchie!

Don't you have access to

Caroline said...

Happy weekend ;-)
I am reading HP at the same time as my eldest. He is reading it faster and keeps telling me things. He is 9 years old and so excited. Books are wonderful!

Menchie said...

Hey Dan!
Yes, I have access but shipping is waaaay expensive and takes forever. I'm not patient enough for it. :D

I'm about halfway done already. I think I will be sad when I finish the book.

Within Without said...


Are you sure those three guys weren't the blonde brat and his two brainless twit enforcers from HP? (Can't remember their names just now, the blonde brat is the son of one of the people eaters if that's what they call them).

My daughter is well into the book. I'll wait for it to go on sale for $5 or I'll just read hers, and wait for the movie to come out on DVD. :-)

You said Josh is sick...hope you've still been able to read SOME...

Menchie said...

Nah, no blondes in that car. I think you're talking about Death Eaters. LOL!

Not done with the book yet, was only able to squeeze it in during nap times and when I allowed them to watch tv.

Keshi said...

kinda sensed it LOL!