Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Pretty Baby

With Daddy at the company outing

In one of her Halloween costumes last year

My pretty baby at her cousin Sophia's birthday party

Playing with her zhu zhu pet from Tita Lara
I've written a couple of times on this blog about my two older kids but not much about my third.  Poor Lucia! Apart from the birth post, I don't think I've written much about this little girl of mine.

She's growing up to be quite a character, this one.  The naughtiest and funniest of my brood.  She makes me laugh without even trying and is a joy to watch.  When you find yourself bored, just quietly watch her play and be entertained for a good long while. 

A very good eater (16+ kilos and counting!), she eats by herself and chooses her own clothes (most of the time).  Loves wearing pretty dresses like her older sister and likes sharing Mommy's lip balm.  She's stubborn and very articulate and can understand Tagalog very well.  Loves babies and kittens and Goodnight Moon.  A chocolate monster after mommy's own heart. 

Has all the members of my family wrapped around her little finger, especially her kuya Joshua.  She's also half toilet trained by now, which, according to my mom, happened when I was away on business travel. So, fine, maybe another ten days in Singapore and she'll be fully toilet trained mommy?

Maybe it's the birth scare, the thought that we almost lost this little one, that makes me want to hug her all the time.  I cannot imagine our lives without her.  Out little family has grown thanks to her and it's not always easy to manage three kids and a full time job but so totally worth it.


Pacha said...

Gorgeous and she's grown so much!|

Menchie said...

THanks Pacha!!:D