Monday, June 30, 2008

Heard in the car today

"Yay! School!!!"

This from the boy who spent the first two weeks in tears and clinging to my leg. Things got a lot better since we let him watch the Sneezing Panda video before he got off. I am happy to announce that he doesn't even need that anymore. As I suspected, he only needed to make new friends to make him comfortable.

Now if i can only muster enough enthusiasm to announce....."Yay! Work!!!"

Nope......can't do it.


Pacha said...

That is fantastic news Menchie!

Yay! Joshua!

Sneezing panda not work for you then?

Within Without said...

Ha! That's always the way it happens...

Why would a young happy child who's life has been total comfort and security in your arms want to be thrust away from that?

And then discovery comes...hey, there are other people and places out in this big world!

I doubt you'll be saying "Yay! Work" any time soon...

Donnnnn said...

If you were still as naive as na school aged child and didn't have a clue about how much you're going to worry about making money and how dreadfully routine most of your life is going to be...then, and only then, could we say YAY WORK!

Unless, I suppose, you're a movie star, pro athlete, or lottery winner.

Forever Young said...

your blog is delightful, found it through another blog...will be back.
i am a nursery (pre school) teacher and i get those little ones screaming and wanting their moms. poor little mites, it's too soon to be wrenched from your mama.
however they do settle down quickly and do enjoy their days playing....

Sandy C. said...

Aww, so glad to hear :)

LOL, I can't do that with work either ;)

Stace said...

I think Donn's right... take away the worries, and work could be great!! YAY, work!!! I should be getting ready for work now... but since I know my boss is never there until at least 10.30 or 11am, being slightly late doesn't matter!! haha

gonzales family said...

"Yay! Work!!!" haven't stop laughing

Menchie said...


LOL! Nope! Sneezing panda doesn't do it for me.

No, I really can't see myself doing that. :D

you get it, you really do! :D

Forever Young,
Hi! Yes, he has settled down and is really enjoying school. I suppose you have a lot of experience with kids like these. Your advice would be very welcome.

Like Donn said, I can't imagine many people being able to do that. Which is a pity, actually.

Still, a lot of people are stuck in jobs where the intent is to earn a living but not exactly doing what you dream of doing.

he he.