Friday, June 27, 2008

Couple of things on my mind

Why do schools assign homework for pre-schoolers that they know they can't possibly do by themselves??? On top of everything else I have to keep track of, I've got homework. Which sucks, by the way.

Zara sale is ON! My shopping gene is doing the dance of joy....

Check out the sneezing panda on You Tube (just search for sneezing panda). It is the sole reason why Joshua finally stopped bawling on the way to big school. Just make him watch it on the PDA before he gets off and its no more tears mommy! Frankly, I didn't think it was ever going to stop. It was something I never experienced when I was little and I was kind of at a loss in terms of knowing how to make him stop. Endless pep talks did NOT work. I was late for work for two weeks! Did your kids cry when they went to big school? How long before they stopped???

My weekend's pretty full starting with dinner with girlfriends tonight (can't get even a little bit tipsy as I am driving tonight). Tomorrow's my dad's birthday and we're having a bunch of people over, mostly family. Then there's the groceries and supervising the kids' homework. Wonder if the hubby and I can fit in a movie somewhere......


Pacha said...

WOW, hope you have a lovely lovely weekend and manage to fit in a movie with the hubby at some point!.

We'd seen the sneezing panda in the past and the kids laughter is so contagious!

Poor Joshua! And poor you! I so feel for you. Javier still hasn't got used to big school and 'hates ' it. Which makes my heart break 'cause he was so enthusiastic and happy at pre-school. Don't know whether to move him to another school etc... Javier didn't cry but he changed character. Became arrogant and hysterical. (I think I'd prefer the crying). Maybe Joshua is too small for school? Can he put it off another year? (its what I did with Javier since being born in Dec. - he went from being the youngest of the class to the oldest and I've never regretted it. Especially as the transition was smooth (done in pre-school). I imagine you've alerted the teachers to the problem.

Ah! It's the sensitive kids that suffer the most!

However, Javier now says he's 'got used to it' but it took a while!

It's all so hard being a parent - especially the bits you don't expect!

AND DO NOT GET ME STARTED ON HOMEWORK! I don't know how parents who work full time manage it. I barely keep track of Javier and I work from home (and also it is another reason to fight with my kid and I SO DON'T NEED ANOTHER REASON!)

Javier's teachers said if they can't do the homework they should leave it. You should ask Joshua's teachers to adopt this policy! (I mean if we wanted to home school our kids we wouldn't send them to school, would we?)

Good luck Menchie!

Stace said...

Haha that panda sneezing is funny.

I remember being REALLY excited about going to school. I used to be in the car with mum when she dropped my brother off at the bus stop, so finally being able to get OUT of the car and get ON the bus with my brother... wow!!! That was awesome :)

Happy birthday to your dad! My dad turns 60 in a couple of weeks.

angels4kids said...

I remember when little GI was still in nursery. He hated being separated from me. When the school jeep came to pick him up, he would cry his eyes out. He would be hanging on to the gate as if his life depended on it. When he finally let go of the gate, he would be crying so loud I could still hear him as the school jeep turned the corner.

Not to worry, he eventually warmed up to the idea of school. And we just laugh about these things now.

Good luck.

Keshi said...

Happy bday to ur dad!

Can ya believe it I used to love doing my homework *rolling eyes* yes I was a nerd back in school!

Hope the Sat's dinner with the GFs was nice?


Menchie said...


Didn't get to see a movie...bummer. But at least homework was very light. Joshua is doing very well in school now (he got perfect scores in his three tests! :D). I suspect it's more the attachment to me and the fact that he didn't know many of his classmates (his previous classmates were mostly in the other two sections). So i guess it worked out well. But you're right about the more sensitive ones being the ones who suffer more. My little girl has no problems like crying in school. Oh well...

I liked going to school too! Never cried due to separation anxiety. And not even when I got hit by a swing and suffered a split eyebrow.

thanks for the encouragement. i think he's passed the stage already, judging from the way he left the car today. :D

i was a nerd too! LOL! well, at least until high school. :D

Marie said...

Poor Joshua. I was the same and I really hated school. But, like you say, it looks like he's settling in ok now, so I hope all goes well.

Sandy C. said...

Aww, hope your dad had a wonderful birthday!

I had no idea preschoolers got homework :( Ugh.

SabineM said...