Tuesday, July 08, 2008

At church last Sunday, I noticed a little boy, not more than 3 or 4 years old, staring at my daughter. At first I thought he was looking at both Josh and Faith since they were giggling about something. But no, his gaze kept staying at Faith. I just smiled inwardly, thinking, there goes another admirer.

About 15 minutes later, while Faith was sitting on her dad's lap, I saw the little boy slowly walking over to us with his hand outstretched. He stopped in front of her and grunted, "Uh", all the while holding out his hand to her. It was a dried leaf. Faith just looked at it and smiled then turned back to her brother. Poor little boy. My whole family was watching by now. To my surprise, he once again went back to Faith, this time clutching a bigger green leaf in his hand and once again giving it to Faith. She was looking at it when the boy's dad came over and got him with an apologetic smile.

Goodness, she's only four. What will it be like when she's 16?

Yesterday when we dropped off Joshua at school, I kissed him at the gate and murmured "I love you", as I always do every morning before he walks off with his humongous stroller bag. And, like every morning, he yells back (yes, he actually yells) "I love you too mom!!"

I remember thinking as I walked back to the car, will he ever stop yelling I love you back?

Will I ever be prepared for that to happen?


Stace said...

You must be so proud of them! Josh will stop saying he loves you the moment he turns 12, I'll bet! And Faith, well, you'd better keep an eye on her!! Buy a shotgun and stand on the front porch when her boyfriends come calling :)

PrAcHi said...

Hay, ur kids are so cute :)

Keshi said...


looks like Faith is alot like Keshi. lol! Cos I fell in love at just 4!


Pacha said...

Aw, they're so lovely. There is no doubt Faith will break many hearts (she seems to have already started!)...and Joshua shouting I love you - that is lovely, lovely, lovely (he's such a sweetheart)! I hope he never will stop yelling it at it!

Sandy C. said...

LOL! Oh man, I can relate to the little little boy staring at your daughter scenario. Only, my daughter is always equally smitten :( Someone please help me now!

So sweet Joshua still says he loves his mommy :) My heart will break too if it ever ends...

Menchie said...

I'll be happy if it lasts until he's 12! With kids nowadays, I was expecting it to stop when he's 7. As for Faith, well, I expect we'll be beating them of with a stick. :D

thank you! :D

OMG, four's too young to fall in love!

I hope he never stops too but I think that is too much to expect. :D

So far (knock on wood), Faith hasn't shown any preference for kids her age. She likes Zach Efron, though. *sigh*

Cecilia said...

Awwww...so cute..she is already so adorable! And its true i guess...you tend to wonder when they will all grow up :)

Aidan said...

Menchie you made some cute kids she is going to be a heart breaker (in the nicest possible way)

It gets harder as we get older to say those three little words.

Especially for guys, peer pressure says we should be un emotive and not make waves, He may not say it always but i am sure he will always feel it.

I still tell my folks that i love them, maybe not as often as i should though.

Stace i tell everyday, especially before going anywhere.

take care out there,


Hildegarde said...

Lovely and cute, good times !

Donnnnn said...

He should have said,
"By your 'leaf' Majesty"
What are ya gonna do? She's adorable..and it's only just begun!

Your son will NEVER stop saying I Love You Too Mommy.

Laurie said...

My son (who will be 26 on Thursday) still calls me to tell me I'm his best friend in the universe. He will also tell me he loves me, in front of his friends, no less. I imagine your son will do the same.

Your daughter is beautiful, just like her mother.

aminah said...

That post got tears in my eyes!
Menchie your kids are gorgeous!

Ces said...

Oh no, I have not been by and missed so much. The kids are grown up. Joshua is handsome and as for Faith, get ready... WOW!

Have a great summer. I am planning a trip to Manila next summer. :-)

Chriz said...

will i ever be prepared for that to happen?
wooohie... that was the perfect ending.. touched..

-Princess Shin- said...

Oh my goodness.. this is so cute. Haha.. kinda worried to right. Young faith is already attracting boys at four, what more at 16. Haha.. good luck! =P

Keshi said...

I miss ya hun! U OK?