Tuesday, June 17, 2008


...back into blogging! It's been ages and ages!!

A recap of what I've been up to...

- Both kids' birthdays celebrated without much fanfare, just a one on one day with me ending with dinner and cake and presents at home. Check out this pic of Joshua blowing his cake in our messy kitchen/dining area.

- Faith's ballet recital. Pics below. There was a bit of drama that day, when I left the backstage after the 1st half break, she fell to pieces and refused to dance in the second half. But oh, she danced beautifully during the first half! My bad, actually. I shouldn't have gone backstage to check on her. She was totally ok during the dress rehearsal. My mom already nailed my hide to the wall for that little bit of stupidity.

Faith, Joshua and cousin Tina before the recital

Costume for the second half

During rehearsals

- School's just started last week for Joshua and yesterday for Faith. You will not believe the document I received from Joshua's teacher yesterday. It's his curriculum for the first quarter (june - august). All seventeen freaking pages of it! I kid you not. And he's only Prep! He's got six subjects and is expected to take his first long test in Filipino next week.

Hard to believe I've stayed away from the blog for so long. But I think I needed the break. I got to focus on other things that needed to be done and others that I just wanted to do for the heck of it (like watch all the movies I wanted or make a dent on my pile of books).


Pacha said...

The kids look gorgeous. I'm so happy you're back Menchie. (I am too! I couldn't stay away!)

My said...

W e l c o m e B a c k ! Happy Birthday to Faith and Josh.

Marie said...

Gorgeous photos! Nice to see you back.

rachelin george said...

hey..raed d piece "to the one who"...dat was luvely...im sure he must hav luved dat bday dedication....

Menchie said...

you cannot believe how happy i am too that you're back!

thanks! have to remember to open my ym. let's have lunch!

thanks Marie! trying to stay afloat, actually. but all work and no play ...yadda yadda. so here I am again. :D

hey thanks! i loved doing that piece. :D and yes, he loved it.

Keshi said...

omg they r so CUTE!!!!

How hv ya been Menchie? I missed ya. HUGZ! Take it easy sweetz.


Donn said...

They are A D O R A B L E!
It's easy to ignore the Blogosphere when you have such wonderful distractions..
but you also need some 'ME' time.

Stace said...

Yay!!! I wondered what had happened to you!!

Poor Josh, 17 pages?! Schools seem to be asking a lot of young kids these days, certainly more than they asked of me when I was a kid!

Laurie said...

Your kids are, as always, adorable.

By the way, welcome back...you were missed!


david santos said...

Hello, Menchie!
Excellent post. Very, very nice!
Happy weekend.

Ms. Val said...

Girl, you have been busy! Faith looks so CUTE in her ballet dress.

As for Joshua, that teacher of his is going to be in for a rude awakening when he has to grade all that work!

Good to have you back!

kj said...



Menchie said...

missed ya too! :D

thank you. :D and you're right, ME time is always important. I guess the past month, it was another aspect of me time that I paid attention to. :D

hey! yes, it did seem like a lot less work when I was a kid.

thanks, sweetie. I missed being around your blogs too.

hey david,
sweet of you to drop by. :D

Ms. Val,
How are ya?? Missed reading about all your home improvements.

hello back! loved reading about the ending to Alex and Lily's story. :D

Ces said...

These girls are so cute.