Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I can already feel the cool wind blowing every time I exit the office building to get to the parking lot. It's only 6pm but it is completely dark outside.

Yep, it's that time of the year again.

Despite the explosion that killed several people at the mall around a month ago, the malls are bursting with holiday shoppers. I'm glad I'm 73% done with my shopping. So it says in my excel spreadsheet. Hmmpphhh. Yeah, so I'm OC about making lists. My worksheet goes back to...(checking spreadsheet)... *gasp* 2002?

I'm trying not to run around like a chicken without a head (ever seen one do that? I have. Darn funny once you get over the ICK factor) this year. I've got school stuff to take care of , toys and clothes to sort and give away, a garage sale to organize, remaining presents to buy plus work.

I'm trying to savor the last few weekends of November before it gets really hectic next month. Meanwhile, I wanted to share pictures taken last weekend from a Grandparents' Day at school and two birthday parties the kids were invited to.

Josh and Faith clowning around while waiting for the program to start. Only the Nursery and Pre-Nursery class are included in the program.

Inside the classroom where the grandparents had to do an activity with their grandkids. That's my mom.

Faith's number about to start.

They did the Five Little Monkeys song. I was able to videotape the whole thing. It was so cute!

She had her face painted at the birthday party.

The two of them had fun at the playground at the other birthday party the next day.

Weekends are getting crazier and crazier!

Happy thanksgiving to those who are celebrating it this weekend! :D


Pacha said...

...Its freezing here (and dark by 4p.m for flips sake! Ridiculous...whey did they put the clocks back? *rant* *rave* *grumble* etc...) but reading your post and seeing the photos of your kids warms me to the core Menchie! Thank you!

Joshua seems to have grown so much since the last photos you posted...and Faith looks so much like you in that photo with the butterfly on her cheek it's unbelievable!

Such amazingly cute photos. Lovely! Really gorgeous.

OK. I am exceedingly jealous over your xmas shopping organisation. I am running around like a chicken without head or feet (feet?). (mainly because I am running about and achieving nought!)...

aminah said...

menchie, it can't be as cold over where u are as it is here in freezing cold norway. I am in bed with a flu and any plans for this week have gone out the window...aggggggghhhhhhh....
the photos of your beautiful kids are fantastic! Really caught the moments well!!!

and hello Pacha!!!

SabineM said...

What fabulous photos! I love when activities include the grandparents! That is such a special time for both of them

Menchie said...

Yeah, he's grown a lot. I can't reconcile the 3.1 pound baby I gave birth to to this big boy. The hubby says Faith is my mini-me. So true. All the naughty things she does, she gets from me it scares me sometimes.

The shopping was easy for me. It's the wrapping that I tend to put off till the last minute.

Oh, of course not as cold as your weather! Just cooler than the usual hot and humid climate we have here. It's still a relief though.

I hope you recover from your flu soon.

i think my mom had fun. :D My dad missed it cause he had to get the car repaired. Too bad.

Keshi said...

Great happy fun pics of ur kids Menchie! Very sweet!

Yeah its that time of the year again...shops r all decorated with xmas cheer and d u know its my fav season of the year :) I know it's way too commercialised but I love this season cos of the Giving spirit it reminds us abt...


Menchie said...

it's my favorite season too! i'm listening to Christmas songs in my iPod right now. :D

Dan said...

Shopping! Ugh!

It's Thanksgiving in the US on Thursday. Happy Thanksgiving to you way out there Menchie!

Keshi said...

lol Im already listening to Christmas songs in my car and my mum gave me a look hahahaha!

She loves it too :)


Stace said...

I've got Christmas nearly organised, only two people left to buy pressies for!!!

And yes, I've seen chickens run around with their heads cut off... I grew up on a farm, we bred and ate our own chickens :)

Menchie said...

You mean you don't go out on Black Friday??? :D

i've got christmas on my mind already..

You're even more organized than I am! I've only seen one chicken do that -- it was too gross!

Keshi said...

wud u believe it hun Im gonna be buying some Chrissi gifts tmrw..

Enjoy ur wknd!

Ms. Val said...

73% done with your shopping?!?!? Menchie, you are GOOOOOOOD!!!! I'm only about half done with mine, and it's only that high because I ordered a bunch of stuff online. Thank goodness for free shipping at Amazon...

Your children look so happy. There's nothing sweeter than children having fun together.

homo escapeons said...

You have such a great attitude about Crisismass..I am ashamed.
It is fun when the kids are young..I still have a 6 year old so I don't grinch out when he is around..but it's pitch black at 5 and it was 20 below this morning..you do the math!