Monday, November 12, 2007

The one with the ring

Something Diesel said in a comment in the previous post made me remember an incident that happened three years ago.

You know how women tend to bloat when pregnant? Well, unless you're Heidi Klum, of course. Anyway, I usually stop wearing my engagement and wedding rings at the onset of the 6th month of pregnancy cause they don't fit anymore.

It was about four months after giving birth to Faith that I decided to try on my rings. It was only 5:15am and I didn't have to leave for work for another 15 mins. The kids and the hubby were still deeply asleep in the bedroom.

You kinda know where this is going right?

I took out my rings from the jewelry box and put the wedding ring on. So far, so good. Then I put the engagement ring on top of it. It fits!! I looked at my hand and noticed it still looked a bit tight. Maybe next month, I thought and decided to take it off.

I pulled and pulled and pulled. Could. Not. Take. It. Off.

I washed my hands and soaped the finger thoroughly. Nuh uh. Tried baby oil. Still not working.

It was when my finger started getting really red that I woke up my husband. He couldn't believe what was happening at first then I showed him my finger. He suggested soaking in cold water. Then hot water. My finger (the top part) now looked like a small Hungarian sausage. I had visions of my ring finger getting amputated.

I ended up in the emergency room at 6:15 in the morning. I felt so stupid when the nurse asked what was wrong and I had to show her my finger. And no, I don't need a wheelchair, thank you very much.

What are the chances of an emergency room doctor having a contraption that cuts rings off? It looked like a plier only it had something round that cuts the metal off the finger. How lucky am I???? Pretty darn lucky for a stupid girl who should've known better. The orderly who assisted said I was lucky Dr. Ring-plier was on duty. The last time someone's ring had to be cut off (*sniff* I'm not the only one, I guess), they had to use a steel saw. And there was blood.

The hubby, now that he knew the finger was not going to be amputated, started to laugh in the car on the way back to the house. No amount of dirty looks and slaps could stop him.

I took the day off from work. Better than having to explain the angry red finger that still looked like a sausage.


Pacha said...

What is it with rings in your family?

This story is sooooooo funny (sorry! - only because it ended well. I would have panicked and envisioned amputation too). Having to end up in ER with a sausage finger!

JO-N said...

Luckily you were alright.

A tag for you. Please hunt for it in my blog cos I have many tags lying there.

argie said...

ha ha ha ha ... do do remember this!

argie said...

ha ha ha ha ... i remember this! ... still could not stop laughing right now !

Menchie said...

we also have a thing about kissing in the family but that is a whole other post!

that episode was really embarrassing. and funny too. and expensive. i had to have both rings repaired -- and resized it too.

yes, i don't think i can get over losing a finger due to stupidity. will look for the tag. :D

yeah, yeah, yeah.

Marie said...

This was quite a funny story, though I was slightly worried at the beginning. You told it so well too.

houseband00 said...

That was funny, Menchie. =)

Keshi said...

** I had visions of my ring finger getting amputated.

LOL menchie u sound like me! PARANOID.

Well my mum has that prob...her fingers hv gotten fatter and cant take the ring out...when she wants to take it out, she rubs some soap n water, and hey presto we hv a ring out of the finger :) u went to ER? LOL!


Menchie said...

yeah, it is funny. believe me, i'll never do it again! :D

the hubby also thought so at the time. he had the gall to tell me i'm the only person he knows who gets into that kind of trouble.

yeah, that's me. fat fingers every time I get pregnant and give birth. i get the fat feet and toes too. totally disgusting!

kj said...

this is a funny story that wasn't funny at the time. you're like a kid sticking his/her finger in the coke bottle.


The New Parent said...

Hi M--OK, what a way to get a day off from work (smile). This is a story that is humorous in retrospect.

Glad it worked out fine.

Keshi said...

but my mum aint preggie. LOL! she just got fat awww...i love my mum!


Hildegarde said...

My father was a jeweller and I can't count the times that he had to saw a ring from someone's finger (no blood, he had the right equipment), sometimes after an accident too (blood), then the doctor sent the patient to my father first.

Menchie said...

exactly right. though, i did think it was pretty funny while I was at the ER. then again, i once kissed a hot kettle on a stove so...

it did. learned my lesson the hard way. :D

of course you do! :D

wow, now I know where to go first next time. not that it's gonna happen again. *cross my fingers*

Stace said...

Oh boy, that's funny!! Did you buy new rings?!

kj said...

mench, i once kissed a frozen metal something-or-other with wet lips. it was tense....


Menchie said...

No i didn't. Just had the two cut rings repaired (and resized!). It was funny in hindsight. I keep laughing at my stupidity every time I tell this story to friends.

OMG! that's exactly what my sister did! Only she kissed the ice forming on the freezer and her lips got stuck. :D

Diesel said...

Wow, that is crazy. I could get my ring off with soapy water.

I think. Geez, now you have me worried.

-Princess Shin- said...

Oh my goodness! Did you lose your wedding ring then? Argh.. does it mean i can't wear my wedding ring after I get married forever too?


Laurie said...

Bless your glad there wasn't blood involved in your ring removal.

SabineM said...

haaa what a story! That happened to me once, But Luckily I had my handy dad here to help me cut it off. I was devastated though!

Menchie said...

Ha! So, can you?

No, i just had my wedding ring repaired. :D

I know!

so what's the story behind this? :D