Friday, November 23, 2007

Waiting for the Weekend

This is what was right next to me since yesterday. Have no idea how many I've eaten.

Am tired from lack of sleep and a tantrum from Faith that involved a lot of crying and screaming and me cleaning up her vomit from the floor. The smell of sick never fails to make me gag. I'd rather pick up a dead cockroach (which is the hubby's job -- after I kill it).

Thank goodness it's Friday and time for me to head for home. Now I just have to wade through rush hour traffic. How fun.

Tomorrow is Joshua's exam for the Prep level so am keeping my fingers crossed. Then we are watching Enchanted in the afternoon.

Have a good weekend folks!


Pacha said...

If I had that box next to me since yesterday I would probably have eaten them ALL already. Your self restrait is admirable Menchie.

Hope you have a wonderful weeked. Good luck to Joshua...

Sorry about the tantrum. That has to be the worst...crying, screaming followed by sick.

I used to avoid E getting too upset because I couldn't avoid the sick.

Although that is wrong.

And if E is spoilt brat that gets what she wants all the time it's all my fault (of course)...

Actually she hasn't been sick in a while (and she has been crying) so I suppose they grow out of that sick-tantrum thing eventually.

Good luck with the traffic!


JO-N said...

Chocolate can destress! All the best to Joshua in his exam.

Keshi said...

I know why u hv been having so many chocs then :)

Take it easy hun!

Golden Words said...

Weekends over :(
its monday again. :(
have a great week ahead..

Menchie said...


Oh I do think they grow out of it (keeping my fingers crossed). I just really hate it when that happens. I can handle the crying and screaming -- it doesn't bother me too much -- just don't let them throw up!

As for the chocolate, notice that all that were left were the Mr. Goodbar, Dark chocolate hershey bars and the ones with nuts??? That's cause I ate all the milk chocolate already. My throat hurt after eating all that chocolate.

oh yes it can! :D Joshua did well -- that's what HE said. :D

thanks sweetie! :D

Golden Words,
Hey! Thanks for dropping by. The way you wrote your comment (first two lines) is EXACTLY how I feel now.

aminah said...

those chocolates look very inticing...can you send me a box???
Hope the weekend went went well and without drama and Little miss Faith is much better!!! xx

Ces said...

Disciplined you are for not eating all of it. I can't believe they have prep level exams. Kids are supposed to have fun while young, not stress their parents with these exams.

Menchie said...

really yummy. what's your address??

At the end of the day, there were only two pieces left. So much for my discipline.

I don't remember taking any exams when I was Joshua's age. things are soooo different now.

SabineM said...

sorry I missed your post (I was away) so I am a little late!
Hope you had a nice relaxing weekend. There is nothing worse then lack of sleep!

Shalini Gowrisankar said...

Hope you had a lovely weekend.. My first visit to your blog ..Love it ! Will be back to read more for sure..

Have a great week!

homo escapeons said...

I have already wolfed down my first seasonal box of chocolate covered record time I might add. Not a good omen.

Prepping for prep school sounds redundant. Here we just toss our kids into the universal system and hope that they learn the three r's before they lounge in University for a couple of years before deciding on a major..not that it matters if they can spell there either.

Within Without said...

I'm kind of with CES, a very sensible and emotionally-brilliant person, on the exams thing.

I hope it went well.

Otherwise, though, chocs are great. They're what we all REALLY need.


Keshi said...

ty for sharing ur story in my blog Menchie. Brought a smile to my face when I read the Mass n hubby bit :)


N said...

I just bought some Hawaiian Host chocolates. Indulge my friend!

Maria said...

sinner! LOL! it would have been hard for me to resist those hawaiian host!