Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Too much stuff happening

Weather's depressing.

Too busy to post.

Anxious about Joshua's 1st quarter evaluations.

In the middle of Stephenie Meyer's Eclipse.

Be back soon.


Keshi said...

k then. TC sweetie!


Laurie said...

Cute, but frightening cartoon. :-)

Enjoy the book, hope the review is good and that your weather improves.


SabineM said...

love the cartoon!
Who is Joshua?
HOw is the book?

The New Parent said...

Hi M--hey, consider that everything works out just fine (smile).

Marie said...

Take it easy and enjoy the book!

Aidan said...

Love the Cartoon:)
Parent teacher nights?
I am sure my parents had nightmares about mine.

Menchie said...

what do you know? i'm back! HA HA!

omg! *cringe* you have cats! no wonder it's scary for you.

joshua is my eldest. he's 5. :D

love, love, love the book! I finished it yesterday in the car since traffic was so bad.

new parent,
thank you for that. joshua just told me he thought he did well in his phonics evaluation. will know for sure tomorrow.

thanks! couldn't stand not to finish it last night. :D

am beginning to get my own nightmares about the upcoming one tomorrow. keeping my fingers crossed.

Keshi said...

lols I noticed that! Good to hv u bak this quick :)


Ces said...

Oh Menchie he's only a little boy. It's more fun to worry when they are teenagers!