Wednesday, August 08, 2007


My daughter Faith hasn't been able to pronounce the letter F.

So everything F becomes a P.

Her name is "Pait" (can't pronounce the th either). She hurt her "poot" (foot). It drove her older brother crazy!

Josh: Not Pait! Faith!
Faith: Pait

Josh: Not P!!! F!! Ffffffffffff. Faith!

Faith: Pait

So I am very happy to share that she can now pronounce her name properly. I knew it was only a matter of time. And she's very proud of herself too!

Me: What's your name?

Faith: Faith.

Me: Very good! Ok, Faith, say Elffffff.

Faith: Elf

Me and Josh: Yay!!! (clapping our hands)

A few days later...

Me: Ok, which dvd do you want to watch? Nemo? Lion King? Cinderella? Happy Feet?
Faith: I want to watch Haffy Feet!!!

Oh well.....


kj said...

hello mench, gee, i've missed 3 of your posts while i've been helping my Mother. suffice to say i am making an exception for you regarding topics involving bodily fluids and bodily functions. normally i cover my ears and make sounds with my mouth, but just this once i read about warm poops and will simply tell you:

yah, i know...


Keshi said...

Phantastic! :)

She's adorable!


Pacha said...

So funny! Its soooo contagious isn't it? I find that instead of correcting them I end up copying how my kids mispronounce stuff...

Menchie said...


I know! I'm sorry, I how know grossed out you are about bodily functions. Thanks for making an exception. Happy Birthday again! :D

yeah, she's pabulous! LOL! Never a boring moment.

i know exactly what you mean. sometimes i like listening to them make the same mistakes with words cause it's so cute! of course I know they make it only cause they're very young. Joshua was the same way when he was a toddler.

Ces said...

I missed it all. She is a fabulous little girl.

SabineM said...

That's cute. Our maya can't say the "K" sound. So uses T to replace K/C
Maya is only 2, so no worries yet!

Keshi said...



Ablo said...

Hi Mench

That is soooo hilarious and funny.

The New Parent said...

Hi M--that is so sweet and cute!
I love when they are at the mispronouncing stage of a word and then they slowly accomplish it. That's so nice to see!

houseband00 said...

Oh, the phee and ep depect! =)

The kids will outgrow it, believe me. =)

Within Without said...

Ha Ha Ha! Hilarious! Pabulous news, Menchie!

Laurie said...

Too cute. :-)

Keshi said...

came to 'pind' out where u r Menchie :)

Hv a good one!

Mailyn said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I am still mad about ECLIPSE. LOL. I hope she fixes that mess in the next book. ^__^

Menchie said...

I won't disagree. :P

gosh, now I remember joshua had a problem with the L sound. Plate would sound like "pwate". He grew out of it. :D

hey! how are ya??? i forgot my livejournal password! kainis!

yes, I love that stage. It is too funny!

I know. my eldest was the same. now he's the one who corrects her.

She still does it. I asked her to say it yesterday and she still said haffy feet. :D


it was my mom's bday yesterday so i took the day off and took her shopping. :D Been busy catching up with mail. You have a good weekend too!

It wasn't my favorite of the series because Bella was such a twit she doesn't deserve Edward. I wonder when the next book will come out? Maybe I should read the ending first before I buy it. LOL!

Bla said...

Very cute! :)

Caroline said...

Perfect. My eldest had to wear a badge for school because he couldn't pronounce his name. It's a huge moment.
Have a good weekend.

Marie said...

So funny!

Menchie said...

Hey Bla! Thanks for dropping by!

It is. :D

i know. it still makes me giggle when i think about it.

Ms. Val said...

Kyle did the exact same thing! Until he was 4 or 5, his F's would coume out with the "th" sound. I especially found it amusing when he'd say "thinger".

Diesel said...

LOL! She's done a search-and-replace for the letter P!