Tuesday, July 31, 2007

My Other Mommy Moments

Don't you just love those cutesy pictures of babies? I swear, I'm a sucker for those Anne Geddes images in different poses and costumes. Made me want to have a baby desperately, even when I was still single.

Then you see glamorous images of Hollywood mommies looking fabulous with their equally fabulous babies in tow. All those cute baby stuff and gear that they sell in stores. Really, it seemed easy. Even the parenting magazines which I devoured while pregnant with my first child were chockful of advice about how to deal with almost anything that you are "supposed" to encounter when you have a child. Easy, right?

All I can say is, it ain't all true. Babies/kids are the most unpredictable creatures in the face of the earth. What makes them laugh one day will set off a tantrum the next. What they happily eat today could end up on your dress tomorrow.

So what's the real score??? Here's what I experienced:

Sleep? I used to do that...
I thought the sleepless nights would end when they reach six months. When it didn't, I thought maybe when he reaches two. Then I had another baby and it started all over again. Note to children today who hate taking naps -- when your mother tells you that you will CRAVE naps in the future, BELIEVE HER. My mother must have been psychic. Being a mom has made me such a light sleeper that I wake up at the drop of a hat - or make that at the drop of a foot or fist on your face.

The Ewwww Factor
I've been barfed on, peed on and pooped on so many times it doesn't even faze me anymore. I've touched boogers and snot, have held my hand out for whatever they chewed that they didn't like and have even caught wayward poop that surprised the heck out of me when it suddenly came out while I was changing Joshua's diaper. He was standing. It was very, very warm. *shudder*

I can't remember how many times I have held a sick, crying child while said child was vomiting and refusing to let go of your neck. I can't decide whether I prefer the poop catching or the vomit bath. But I can tell you that all my maidenly sensibilities are GONE. Forever.

This Body used to be mine
I'm not a particularly modest person. Growing up and sharing a room and bathroom with two sisters made me comfortable with my body, you know, like in an all girls locker room or gym. Then I got pregnant and was twice subjected to the indignities that women go through when being examined. I thought it ended there. But nope, the kids have ownership of certain parts of my anatomy and more. They've got first dibs on my hands at bedtime, one each (what will happen if I have a third child? he/she's gonna end up with my foot). I have to lie on my back cause they fight when I face either one of them (please go back to Sleep...I used to do that).

There's also the unending fascination with breasts. Not sure if my kids are the only ones like this but they grab and pinch and pull out my shirt and say with glee, "I saw your bo*bies, mommy!". One time Faith surprised me while she was sitting on my lap. In church. Her Daddy was not amused.

So there. That's my reality. I'm not even going into how much you go through hell if your child is even seriously sick. My tip - get a really, really good pediatrician who picks up at 3 in the morning to answer questions about your nine month old's fever. Mine does.

But lest you think I am complaining, I'm not. In fact, I've never been more happy.

They at least got that part right.


houseband00 said...

Oh yes, Menchie, I so definitely agree. I have yet to read a book/article about babycare that can make me totally relate. =)

Cazzie!!! said...

Yes, our bodies have been used to bring into the World the most precious things on Earth to us..what we would not give to our babies..what we would not do to protect them too...but, of late I have RECALIMED my body. I am being responsible for it, because our kids cannot be, they have their own to look after. Monkey see monkey do...so I am eating healthy and exercising. So that I feel great and the kids see that and mimic it too.
I love your posts, they are always so refreshing and true :)

Keshi said...

aww that pic is soooo CUTE!

I think being a Mother is the best feeling on Earth. Both u n Caz r lucky girls.

ewww factor or not, I think u eventually get used to it. Like u have. :)

HUGGGGGGGZ sweet post!

Menchie said...

I thought I was well prepared from all my reading. Turns out I wasn't. :D

My body's as near to normal already but I still get groped by little hands every now and then!

motherhood's the best. tiring but rewarding in its own way. yeah,you get used to all the yucky stuff. :D

Keshi said...

btw nice new template.


crazyBugga said...

thats easily THE best post i have read in a long time... thanks for sharing ur motherhood infancy days... brought a tear to my eye... got reminded of a lotta things my mom did... [:)]

Ces said...

Oh that's nice. Congratulations on your third child, you are expecting, aren't you? No? Oh. My children called my breasts "nurses" because breastfeeding is nursing. One day my friend and I took my three year old son to the mall. We passed by the window display of scantily clad manequins at Victoria's Secret. He stopped dead on his tracks looked up and gazed at the manequins and exclaimed "Wow! Look at those nurses!" My friend and I burst out laughing.

Pacha said...

Menchie - I was laughing and nodding throughout this post! Your kids are in good company with mine. They are also obsessed with my breasts (and they tell everyone they met on the streets about my breasts too. J told our neighbour - a bachelor - the other day 'I saw my mummies breasts this morning!' The man didn't know what to do with himself (I almost added for short measure, 'Do you want to see them too?') All these little hands all over the place, clinging, clutching, pinching, feeling.

I was fairly finickety about snot, sick and pooh pre-motherhood. But now it is my way a life...once D was sick, which made J sick which made E sick (chain reaction)...which in itself was pretty awful. Now imagine all of them leaning over me in the passenger seat of the car while this is going on!

Sorry, you probably weren't after too much detail!

And yes, in spite of it all I wouldn't have it any other way either...

Lovely post Menchie!

Menchie said...

thanks! i was a bit bored with my old one. i want to learn to write HTML code!

hey, thanks. glad you liked it. :D

nope. :D not expecting. thinking about having a third child but not until next year at the very least. Little children can be so funny about body parts.

I'm glad my kids aren't the only ones who do that. It's really embarassing when they do it in public. Your story about your neighbor is funny! I wonder how he would've reacted had you said what you wanted to say. LOL!

My sisters are so grossed out when they see me deal with the mess the kids make. I'm like, just you wait until you have kids of your own!!

Nicole said...

My room used to be decorated in Anne Geddies when I was a little girl. Still can't say no to those calendars.

Hildegarde said...

about cute pictures and reality, a good post :-)

Keshi said...

I want a new template too...Gawwwwd mine is as old as the Bible!


Menchie said...

Anne Geddes' photos are irresistible.

thanks! good to know you're back!

check out karen cheng's blog (she's in my links). i stumbled on it while i was searching for blog templates. she's a graphic designer from Perth and her blog has won a lot of recognition. i looove her template and she wrote all the code herself. i'm thinking of attending a class and my hubby's interested in learning to write code too. might be fun to do something together.

-Princess Shin- said...

This sounds crazy but i totally love Anne Geddes's pictures too! I'm like in love with children. They're so cute and lovely. But I only want the playing part of them. Can? Hehe..

Keshi said...

hey tnxxx for that! Will check her out now.


Laurie said...

What a beautiful post, Menchie. I needed a pick-me-up and that did it.


Menchie said...

it's not so crazy, a lot of people like her images.

you sound like my sister when she talks about having babies. she wants them to be like puppies where you can ignore for long periods of time and just let them be. not so with babies! :D

let me know what you think.

thanks. i'm glad it cheered you up a bit. :D

Marie said...

Great post, Menchie. As long as you're happy, that's the main thing, isn't it?

A small gift awaits you on my blog today.

SabineM said...

Great post and so right on!
My oldest was a horrible sleeper! I was sleep deprived for what seemed like a decade!
My second one is a fab sleeper and napper (I hope I don't jinx it)
but I still feel exhausted!
What is it!??
But you are right it is ALL WORTH IT!

Pri said...

aww! thts sucha sweet post...faith n joshua seem soo adorable! believe me could actually imagine them fightin if u turn ur back to either one while sleeping...awww!
almost made me want to have a baby of my own.(most ppl tell me u have these sorta "aww i want one too" phases only whn u r pretty much single n dont know whts in store)..but not too sure if im ready for the "poop catch" and "vomit bath" yet :-/

Caroline said...

Oh oh oh oh soooooooooooo true.
I have 3, so have one at either side and the other sitting on me. I have to juggle hand holding and I fear the day that all 3 decide to vomit together. But, like you, my happiest times are when I am surrounded by them all.
Great post honey.

Menchie said...

You are so right. And thanks for the lovely surprise! Have a good weekend!:D

Well ditto here. Been sleep deprived for five years already. Yours is longer. But hey, we're still alive.:D So I conclude, sleep is overrated. LOL!

Hey thanks for dropping by! I was exactly like that when I was single. But I had a lot of practice with babies when I babysat my cousins. :D

Gosh, one sits on you? Now I'm really having second thoughts about baby #3. So far, no tandem vomiting for me (knock on wood!). I don't think I'd like that.

Stace said...

Oh my god. That has put me off wanting kids! Well, not really, but it would if I had any sense! Glad you're happy with it all though!

Dan said...

Sleep? I used to do that...

LOL! You poor thing! You need a vacation. Oh ... but what about the kids? Never mind. Too much trouble. Stay home. :)

Aidan said...

"unending fascination with breasts"
My fascination is still ongoing..

You make it sound so glamorous puked on pooped on.... I still cant wait to have kids, Stace is going to be the best mum ever...

The New Parent said...

Hi menchie---thank you for visiting my blog, so nice of you. Totally enjoying reading your thoughts here.

I think the equation goes something like this ... parents + children = sleeplessness!

Before our child came, I devoured (and still do) all the experts. Being a mindful parent who wishes to raise an excellent child is not easy. The experts conflict so much. I started researching on my own and observing my child, taking notes and trying to understand and verify.

What I have come to learn is sometimes soooo different from what the experts preach.

Thank you for this funny, insightful post!

Within Without said...

OK, Menchie, I'm a guy. I know I can't completely relate.

But this is so beautiful, so true, so funny, so real, so laid-bare by you, so honest, so touching.

It's why moms are moms. And you've got to be one of the bestest.

Menchie said...

oh, don't let this put you off. Despite all this, it's fun!

already planning it! can't wait!

you are soooo funny! you're still fascinated with your mum's breasts????? kidding!!!

New parent,
thanks, i like your blog, btw. i always enjoy other parents' take on raising their children.

thank you. that means a lot. and you sell yourself short a bit. am sure you're a great dad. i can tell.

HAR said...


This is how I feel about being a Mum. It is so hard but so rewarding.
Fantastic post.
Found your blog by way of Pacha.

Menchie said...

thank you. :D