Friday, July 27, 2007

What we're reading

Caroline has a lovely pile of books to be read. And because KJ is begging me to post something new so she won't have to look at the disgusting picture in my previous post, I thought of letting you see what our bedtime reading is like....

Above are Faith's choices. I've been reading Five Ugly Monsters straight for two weeks already. I don't really mind. To tell you the truth, I have fun reading it. It's a very simple book that goes:

"Five ugly monsters jumping on the bed,
One fell off and bumped its head
Called for the doctor and the doctor said,
"No more monsters jumping on the bed!!!"

You get the gist. Both kids love it so much they've memorized it.

Joshua's choices are no big surprise. It's Transformers all the way. Imagine the hubby's chagrin when Joshua got the movie storybook before we saw the movie.

This is mine. I love, love, love Paullina Simons. I'm done with Harry (was so sad when I finished the book). This is the third and last book in the series that started with The Bronze Horseman. I'm savoring it.

So what's your bedtime reading like???


houseband00 said...

Very cool reads, Menchie! I'm glad that your kids are into reading. =)

I could scrimp on toys and clothes but when it comes to books, the sky's the limit.

D likes to read the Star Wars "Tales" series which I handed down to him. He also likes to read his books on fish and his DK encyclopedias.

I'm now reading local authors: Dalisay, Joaquin, Jose, etcetera. I hope to blog about them one of these days.

Have a great weekend! =)

Menchie said...

I've read some of Jose's work. He's good. And of course Nick Joaquin. Do you know that he has a collection of children's stories? My aunt has a set of them which are dog eared already because my sister and I kept reading them over and over. I've been trying to find a set but haven't been successful.

You have a good weekend too. :D

Pacha said...

The last time I admitted to this someone held a cross up at me and said 'Be gone Witch' but... I have not read any Harry Potter books (nor seen the films). It isn't something I have done on purpose/principle. Initially I thought I'd just wait to read the series with my kids and then...I began to enjoy the different reactions (usually incredulous since I read... alot and everything and anything) I would get from people when I told them the truth about me and Harry!

Am reading Giulio Coniglio by Nicoletta Costa to my kids...its relaxing fun books for the kids but its in italian!

Me? I've just finished 'In the country of men' by Matar which I loved and I can't get into any other novel since finishing it. Am in limbo...Recently cannot do bedtime reading anyway. Fall asleep after a paragraph...soooooo tired!

Caroline said...

Oh you've seen my PILE of lovely delicious books. I am reading HP at the moment - so noooooo spoilers here please.
Have a good weekend.

Harlot said...

Menchie, i don't mention personal stuff on our blog as there are too many creepos and fangirls who hate me :P but my sister is sorta a children's teacher. Seeing i frequent bookstores, she usually asks me to get her children's books. Will ask her for some good titles for you. :)

P.S. Prepare yourself to cry buckets for TSG. God, i almost hated Shura on this book. :/

kj said...

hi mench, i'm reading eat pray love aloud with jb. i only wish i could write like elizabeth gilbert. the time traveler's wife is still patiently waiting for me.

after hearing about faith's monster book, our mutual friend CES has got to finish up her monster book. it is AWESOME.

happy weekend. we have mr. ryan here and already i am squealing and gushing with love. he is such a good guy!!!


Menchie said...

Pacha, HAVEN'T read HP???? Sorry. *grin* just teasing you. The hubby's just read the first book and just wants to wait for the movie. So can you imagine shutting up about what happens in the last book until the movie comes out??!!! That's what we have to do so he won't know how it ended.

Have been reading in the car a lot lately too...too tired to read in bed.

No spoilers here. have a good weekend too!

Hey thanks, I could use some good new ones beyond the usual Disney fare that's available.

I've peeked into TSG already and I know what scene you're talking about. I couldn't stop reading the scene when I started it. Shura was an idiot!!!!

Oh tell me when you've read it. I would love to know what you thought of it.

Ces has a monster book??

Dan said...

Wow! What a reading family! You put me to shame. I actually have bookmarks in about 200 books currently. I can't seem to finish any! :)

Ces said...

Oh Menchie, it's great to be here. I am slowly returning to the blogs after a wonderful summer of travel.

The previous post, did not look too gross to me. It did remind me of some sort of specimen. At first I thought it was a piece of liver or some other gastrointestinal part. At any rate, reading is always fun. The last book I read was about the Colorado Rocky Mountains and about the Lakota Indians.

I illustrated several slides of a child's ghost story but I am sitting on it.

I suggested you just eat the prunes the way they are. Very good. Makes you regular.

Keshi said...

Cute post.

My bed-time reading is nil..Im a crazy insomniac LOL!


Menchie said...

and how many of those 200 books have been chosen by Lulu??

Yeah, I should've eaten more of them when I was pregnant. :D

Add me to those who are eagerly awaiting your monster book!

Hey, you need your beauty sleep to keep looking gorgeous you know!

Keshi said...

I know...:(


SabineM said...

I am with KJ, was tired of looking at that ugly prune! ;-)
My reading list is on the side of my blog, but what I do not list, is the list of books that we read with Maya every night. Right now she is into Eric Carle. BROWN BEAR BROWN BEAR, PANDA BEAR PANDA BEAR, THE VERY BUSY SPIDER, and THE FIREFLY. Oh and from Marguerite WISE Brown we are reading Runaway Bunnies, and Goood Night Moon
All super cute toddler books

Menchie said...

Oh we love Eric Carle! We have Brown Bear, Polar Bear, The Mixed Up Chameleon, The Grouchy Ladybug, and another one which I forgot the title. We've memorized Goodnight Moon too. The kids like finding the little mouse on each page. I also like Guess How Much I Love You.