Monday, June 18, 2007

I wanted to post about the kids' first week of school but I don't have the pictures loaded in my laptop yet so I decided to hold off until I have them.

Last Friday's traffic was just terrible -- I left the mall (just 5 minutes away from the office) after shopping for groceries at 7pm and was still on the road at 10. I hadn't been feeling well the past week and my cough was definitely acting up by the time we reached home at 10:30. My work commute is just crazy. I hate, hate, hate driving! It was not a good start to the weekend.

We had a lovely visit from my good friend Lisa and her daughter Lara who are on vacation from Austin, Texas. It was a play date for the kids who hadn't seen each other in two years. It made me wish we lived close to each other so the kids can play together more often.

The weekend passed by in a blur. The heat was unbearable despite the on and off drizzles. I was busy preparing the kids' stuff for school (books labeled and wrapped in plastic cover), Father's Day cards and presents prepared, family gathering and all that.

It's lunchtime on another blah Monday. The coffee hasn't gotten rid of my headache, I was kept up half the night by my cough and I find myself feeling too sluggish to go boxing yet again.

I hope your week's starting off better than mine is. In the meantime, gonna go grab some lunch and the copy of People's hottest bachelors for 2007. Sue me. I need a pick me up.


Keshi said...

A quick update on whats happening on ur side ha. COOL!

And can u send me a copy of the hotties ;-) Who d u think topped the list?


Menchie said...

no magazine yet -- they don't have it till wednesday. but i saw some previews on the web and for some unknown reason, matthew mc-i-can't spell-his-name-but-he-went-out-with-penelope-cruz topped the list. i only wanted to get it because it also included gerard butler. *sigh*

Keshi said...

lols even I cant spell his name even if I memorise it a 100 times. I know that guy. He's CUTE!! Def what's on my mind when it comes to hunks.


Menchie said...

well, he's not my type. Gerard forever!!!

kj said...

yes, it's matthew mccaughagy (sp?) and i don't think he's hot at all. i like that guy tye diggs (how much did i butcher his name//!!).

hope you feel better, menchie. time for a hot bath.


Marie said...

Hope you feel better soon. Just keep thinking of Gerard to take your mind off it!

Keshi said...

Well he's my type...after I've had a date with Gerard that is. :)


Maria said...

misssss you, mench!!! miss blogging, too! and inggit ako sobra for the time with Lisa and old friends... things have been pretty crazy this side of town, I'll email you updates.


White Forest said...

lolz...cute :P

Nicole said...

Wooo! Half naked men pick me up! Did you see my post about browsing the male underwear aisle when I need a pick me up? :) Gotta love gorgeous bods that you can only touch in your fantasies. Mood booster.

Lotus Reads said...

Wow, your drive does sound long...I don't know how you do it! Hope your cough has stopped acting up, it's terrible when it won't let you sleep!

Sending some healing vibes your way!

Menchie said...


I'm so out of it -- i don't know who tye diggs is. i think i've got a one track gerard mind.

thanks, am feeling loads better after thinking of you know who! :D

get in line!!!! LOL!!!!

the dinner's tonight and will be thinking of you. email me!

white forest,
thanks for dropping by. :D

yeah I saw that post of yours. :D
can't think of a better pick me up...except chocolate.

my cough is fast disappearing and i didn't even get a sick day out of it. the hubby says he is totally impressed with my self healing powers. i think it just goes with the mommy territory -- can't afford to get sick. thank you for the healing vibes. :D

Keshi said...

Im in line..and ahead of ya LOL!


Dan said...

The weekend passed by in a blur.

When is this NOT true Menchie! :) Even if I'm stuck driving (which I also hate), it goes by too fast!

Menchie said...

it's ok, i have a new crush and he's aussie too! check out Ian Lawless!

This week, however, seems endless. Can't believe it's only Wednesday. :-(

Nicole said...

Oh chocolate. Good pick me up as well. Except when you start to see the results. Ha. It's like alcohol really. It's good at the time, then depressing after.

Keshi said...

U mean Ian F-Lawless? he's been in my good books for quite some time now ;-)


Menchie said...

well at least the effects of alcohol aren't long lasting unless you're Lindsay Lohan *joke*. :P

OMG, yes! he's gorgeous! couldn't find anything about him when I googled him -- except that he's australian. what do you know about him? is he straight?

Nicole said...

Or if you're Paris Hilton. *cough* jail *cough cough*

Within Without said...

While you guys are talking about "hotties," just stoppin' by to say hi...and I hope those headaches have gone away.


Keshi said...

I dunno much abt him either...but I do know he's a hottie and thats enough to know him LOL!

I dunno if he's gay...but who cares ;-)


Menchie said...

what can i say? you reap what you sow...

hiya back! with all the hotties talk, no more headaches! LOL!

he's like a younger version of one of my ultimate crushes since i was a little girl, the son of one of the most influential families over here.

*sigh*, if he's gay, it sort of kills the hottie factor for me.

Hildegarde said...

I hope you feel better soon and that the temperature goes down !!

-Princess Shin- said...

Ooh.. I hope you feel better menchie! I can't believe you were stuck in the traffic for that long! You were all alone in the car? Wow...

Hope you feel better my dear! Boiled coke is great for cough! Tried it when I was younger! Just take a can of Coke, boil it and drink it while it is hot! Take care ya!

Aidan said...

Sorry to interupt the oggling session between you and Keshi:) Did the eye candy help with the head ache?

Hope your week is improving.

Keshi said...

yeah I know...but lets NOT know that then :)


Menchie said...

thanks a lot! I'm going over to your blog now. Looking at your photographs always make me feel better.

yeah, i was alone for the first hour, then I picked up the hubby and he drove the rest of the time. it was terrible!

Boiled coke?? Ew! How does that taste? I can't even stand warm coke! :D

Eye candy ALWAYS helps!!! *giggle* right Keshi??

happy birthday!!!

homo escapeons said...

If I was stuck in traffic for 3 hours but only a few minutes away from my house I would go postal.

Here in Whateverpeg (pop 750,000) all of the road repairs are started in spring and wrap up just hours before the first snow in the fall because the ground is frozen solid several feet down in winter..

every spring they tear up the major arterties and bring traffic to a grinding halt...every spring. It totally destroys the warm fuzzies because it adds atleast 20-45 minutes to wherever you are going. Not a big deal for a major city but this is more of a big town.

It has rained here every second day for a month and the humidity is high. We had tornadoes this weekend and the mosquitoes are brutal and our trees have been defoliated by worms.

I kept telling eveyone who would listen that those early days in April before bugs, leaves, and humidity, that this is the best part. Now I want a few hot sunny days at the beach and then I can't wait for FALL. I must be getting old.

Menchie said...

A friend of mine who recently visited complained about the traffic and how she can no longer estimate how long it's going to take her to get somewhere. I tell her, it's easy, just leave an hour and a half before your appointment.

But I'm glad we don't get tornadoes. Just flash floods and major traffic when we get an hour's worth of heavy rainfall.

Wanna trade??? :D