Tuesday, June 26, 2007

School Tales

Pictures finally saved in my laptop.

Here's my little girl on her first day of school. Doesn't she look adorable in her uniform? The hubby and I took a half day off from work for two days so we could bring the kids to school and stay until they got off.

It wasn't hard to wake her in the morning (thank goodness). School is a twenty minute drive away (if there's no traffic) so they will have to get up at 6:30 at the latest to give time for breakfast and any tantrums (we've had two so far) before my mom or dad drives them to school before 7:30 to make the 8 am time. Have I mentioned I've got saints for parents??? :D

I had a lump in my throat as I watched her showing off her school uniform to her grandparents. I couldn't believe my baby girl is old enough to go to school. My husband says he suddenly felt old as we drove into the parking lot and, together with the other parents, trooped to the school entrance with Faith and her tiny backpack and snack bag.

The school was filled with parents and nannies anxious to see how their little ones are going to fare on their first day. That day, only the nursery and pre-nursery students were in school -- it was probably less chaotic than if all the levels went in on the same day since they were only allowing parents and nannies to stay outside the rooms during the first week.

As expected, there were kids who wouldn't let go of their parents' hand and others who insisted their parents/nannies stay inside the room. One child kept going outside the room asking for his nanny. A few kids kept bursting into tears.

Faith was a little trooper though. When we brought her inside the classroom, she went with her teacher and started playing with the toys. Her daddy and I stayed outside the glass windows, alternately recording and taking pictures. It was pretty obvious she was enjoying herself. I knew we could've left her without issues but my husband and I both stayed until they were dismissed. I think it was much harder for me than for her. She came out of class out happily carrying a pink balloon, chattering in the car the whole time.

Here they are on the second day of school all dressed and ready to go. It's been three weeks since school started and I was so happy to learn that Joshua always brings his sister to her room before going to his. Okay, gushing. I know. Can't help it. Sorry. It's a proud mommy moment for me. *sniff*

Now that school's started, routines have changed a bit. We now spend a chunk of time during weekends to go over Joshua's lessons. They don't have daily homework yet but I go over their weekly bulletins and plans for next week and try to prepare both of them for future lessons. I'm trying to manage my schedule so I can still go boxing twice a week and be home early enough for the kids.

I've also heard from my mom that Faith has a habit of walking around in class and not paying attention. Oh dear. But I'm not too worried. YET.

I mean, c'mon, it's her first time in school and for someone who more or less plays all day long, it would be hard to just sit still with all those toys and interesting things around. Like the teacher's bell (her favorite - teacher had to eventually keep it where she couldn't reach it), or the toy bowling pins, and the different colored balls in the baskets. And before my dear hubby pins this on me, no, I DON'T have a short attention span.


Marie said...

How sweet! Nice to see her all smiling and excited.

I used to hate school and being away from home.

Nicole said...

I can't stop "aww"ing lol. Pathetic, I know! I love the "proud mommy moment." You should be proud! As for the short attention span, if it is anything serious, at least its early enough that you can help her. I was one of those children, but I still got A's in school. :)

Stace said...

So gorgeous! You must be endlessly proud of your kids! She's such a cutie.

Keshi said...

1st dat school ha...I rem I cried so much...wanted to go n sit with my sis...she's 2yrs older than me and was already happily settled in Year-2. So my class-teacher had to send me to my sis' class...I was sitting with her for abt a week and then I came bakk to mine LOL!

U have 2 beautiful and intelligent kids Menchie! Lovely pics.


Keshi said...

**day at

Pacha said...

This is a lovely post. It is incredibly emotional and heart wrenching watching our kids set out on their own in the world! Your kids look so lovely in their school uniform. You are right to feel proud! Good luck to you all!

Menchie said...

She was happy for about the forst two weeks. now we're struggling. she doesn't want to go to school. *sigh*

i agree. i really don't think it's a problem. plus, i think it's a large part of the teacher's role to make sure that the kids are engaged in class. don't you think?

i am really proud of them. i miss their being babies though. thinking of having another one next year...yikes!

my sister was the same. i never cried at school but when my sister entered kindergarden, her teacher would often bring her to my room to sit for a while until she stopped crying. i told her she was being a wimp...LOL!! we used to fight a lot when we were kids. :D

that's why i think it was harder for me than for them. i was watching videos we took of the kids when they were babies and i couldn't believe how much they've grown!

aminah said...

just when my kids are officially free from school for the summer, your kids are just starting term! Your daughter is definetly taking the whole starting school buisness in her stride! You must be very proud of her!

kj said...

oh menchie, what a significant memory!! i can still remember jess on her first day, as though it were yesterday. i'll bet you will too.

these photos are fantastic. faith is a handful, huh? that is good, you know, because she will be a confident enthusiastic adult. when i read that her brother takes her to class, that put this sweet post of yours over the top:

have a good day!

-Princess Shin- said...

Oooh.. Your daughter is so pretty! You must really be a proud mother! And your son seems to be a protective big brother too!!! So sweet!

Big girl now! Going to school! Congrats on Faith first day of school! =)

Aidan said...

That is so heartwarming on a freezing cold melb morning!

I love the shot of the terrible twosome, big brother looking after little faith such a nice shot:)

I cant wait until i have kids and get to do that... would be such a wonderful memory to have

Laurie said...

Your children are precious. How nice that their grandparents spend so much time with them. My son was lucky in that respect as well, and I think it made him a better person.

Keshi said...

LOL @wimp!

Well guess wut...cos I sat with my sis for a week or so, I became better in my studies..cos I was learning Year-2 stuff when I should be in Kindy ;-)


Ms. Val said...

Menchie, your children are so adorable!!!! I LOVE the uniforms. My older son wore a uniform when he attended a charter school.

And I agree with kj. It's so sweet that Joshua walks Faith to her classroom before going to his own. Too, too cute!

Menchie said...

i agree, i don't think I will forget their first day of school. I can't describe how i felt when Joshua mentioned casually that he brings Faith to her room. I really thought it was the sweetest thing for him to do and i told him so! i'm hoping he will continue to look out for faith that way when they grow up. he's got his job as big brother cut out for him if i know my daughter.

yes, i am so proud of them that's why i can't stop blogging about them! :D

it's these moments that make it really wonderful to be a parent.

i can imagine how cold it is over there. brrrr!

i know what you mean. I know how lucky you are with Wolf. i think my kids are really lucky that way. except my parents, especially my dad, spoils them a little bit. :D

well, my sister IS a doctor now. LOL! but i refuse to say she is smarter than me. NO WAY!!!! *evil laugh*

Ms. Val,
Isn't it just the sweetest thing? And we didn't even instruct him to do that!

Now I am imagining him getting Faith out of parties when she's past her curfew...LOL!

Hildegarde said...

Hi boxing computerlady :-), The way you describe Faith's first schoolday (not crying, not returning, being interested, ...): you may be proud of yourself because you have raised her to be a little person with basic trust and self confidence, and you're lucky to have such beautiful and healthy kids. Why is it exactly that you go over Joshua's lessons, if I may ask so (just wondering).

Cazzie!!! said...

Tooo cuteee!!! Our kids start the school year in January and end in December, so they are half way through their school year.
My baby begins school next year, the last of the four of them :)

Dan said...

Faith and Joshua are adorable! And Joshua is such a protective little gentleman, isn't he? Hugs!

Nicole said...

Exactly! :)

Keshi said...

haha told ya so! But nah she's not 'smarter' than u...just that she is a smart-ass :)


Ces said...

You will never forget that day. You will remeber it again when she graduates and you will once again cry! I guarantee it. She is an absolute doll! Mench, your kids are so good looking.

Menchie said...

It's really more of going through his weekly bulletins that the teacher provides which tells us what happened in school during the week. Then making sure he does his homework. I sit beside him and Faith while I let them do their schoolwork. :D

I'm sure the thrill of the first day of school for your kids never changes despite having gone through it three times already.

yes he is. I'm counting on that when Faith reaches puberty. :D

noooooo! she's not smarter than me!!! she can just prescribe medicine but she's not smarter!

Thank you! I never get tired of hearing my kids are cute! LOL!

Caroline said...

Oh this made my throat ache. Yesterday Poppy had her first taster afternoon at school. I feel old!
A new phase in your life. A new juggling act! Enjoy. They are such beautiful chiildren.

Within Without said...

Those are just such gorgeous kids, Mench...but your little girl in the pigtails, she's a super cutie...

Menchie said...

Thanks, it does put a lump in your throat.

Thank you. :D I think she is too!