Friday, May 25, 2007

Date Night!

It's not my typical Friday night. I find myself in the rare situation of being free to do whatever strikes my fancy. My parents have taken the kids out of town for the day and won't be back till tomorrow. I've already been to the boxing gym three times this week and my knuckles are a bit sore so I'm laying off it tonight. Hmmmm....what to do??

a. Shrek 3 -- Nope. I'd prefer to see with the kids this weekend.
b. Pirates? -- It's Friday night (albeit a rainy one) and the first weekend so it's gonna be crowded. Plus I'm color coded (plate number ending not allowed on main thoroughfares from 7am-7pm) so can't leave till late. We might be able to catch the late night show but I don't relish getting home at 2am. *gasp* sign of old age????? nooooooooooo!!!!!! I just need my beauty sleep...*hmp!*
c. Dinner and shopping for hubby -- Possible. He needs new work shirts (and my expertise, of course, :D). But...raining, not so in the mood to shop (maybe I'm sick), crowded mall.
d. Dinner and a video -- Liking this. Plus I can always read a book if I don't like the movie.

Of course, this is totally crazy but I miss the kids already. Faith has been especially affectionate lately, repeatedly kissing me and saying she loves me every time we lie down in bed.

So typical of me. One night in two months without the kids and I still feel the guilt.

Have a good weekend folks!


Marie said...

Hope you have a great weekend. I think D sounds good.

Diesel said...

Glad to see Spider-Man 3 is NOT on the list of options....

homo escapeons said...

Colour coded Orwellien!
I suppose in a crowded place like that you need to take drastic steps.
Well I know that your husband will have a completely different outlook on your kidfree night. Good Luck.

Why don't they make movies for adults anymore? It's all sequels for kids..Hello Hollywood!! Enough already.

Menchie said...

Well it was supposed to be D but the heavy traffic made us so late that we only had time for dinner but it was ok. You have a good weekend!

only because we've seen it already. didn't like it much.

They should have called it number coding -- color has nothing to do with it! Doesn't do a thing for traffic though. Left the office at 7 and got home at 10. How's that for a Friday night date?

You're right about the kid's movies. Though I can always watch 300 over and over and over again. :D

Hel said...

Rain and movies sound like a good combination.
You would probable need to worry if they were not missable ;)

Caroline said...

Hope you had fun honey x

Ces said...

So many choices! You lucky mom!

Within Without said...

So, I'm gettin' here late. What DID you opt to do? I hope you and hubby had at least a bit of a party...

Of course you miss the kids, but these times alone are few and far between...gotta make 'em count...

Hildegarde said...

So typical and recognizable :-)
I hope you made a wonderful evening of it !

Aidan said...

Nice glass of red and a movie:) I think it is sweet you miss the kids even over a short time...

Menchie said...

in my case, rain always translates to traffic. took me two hours to get home. it was bad.

thanks sweetie, we were stuck in traffic...but had fun anyway. :D

i forgot to put choice e. just dinner and a little tv. LOL!

we just had dinner but no video. i got distracted by the travel and discovery channel. there is life after the disney channel! who knew?

it was wonderful rediscovering grown up television after too much disney. :D

funny how i missed them so much after just one night...i kinda smothered them a bit when they arrived in the morning. they had to push me away after a while. :D

Keshi said...

aww Menchie I wasnt here when u needed some comfort but I hope u had a good Fri anyways. HUGGGGGGGGZ!


Menchie said...

it took us more than two hours to get to where we wanted to have dinner. but it was ok -- plenty of time to catch up with the hubby on how our days went. it was past 10 when we got home so, no more video. i just read a book and watched a little tv -- that wasn't disney related!

Ms. Val said...

Faith has been especially affectionate lately, repeatedly kissing me and saying she loves me every time we lie down in bed.

Doesn't that just make your heart melt? Luke has been climbing in my lap, throwing his arms around me and giving me kisses. He says he does this "for no reason...because those are the best kind of hugs."