Monday, May 21, 2007

It rained hard yesterday afternoon, signaling the end of one of the hottest summers we've ever had. School starts in a few weeks and it's a new school for my two kids and Faith's first time.

I remember grade school when the first thing they made us write as soon as school starts is an essay on "How I Spent My Summer Vacation." I'd rack my brain for what to write and end up writing inanely about some trip to the beach on a half sheet of writing paper.

It's typhoon season again (we've already got one!) so time to put away the summer stuff -- the wading pool and toys, swim goggles and bathing suits. Haven't been in school for years and no vacation for me and the hubby but here's our summer, in pictures.

Above is where we spent the most part of the Lenten break -- three lazy days with the whole family just being alternately noisy and quiet, blowing bubbles on the terrace and enjoying our dad's cooking. Some weekends are also spent here but these trips are quick ones given the different paths our lives take which is why pictures like the ones below with my siblings, are rare. Well, rare also because we hardly agree on a picture we all like enough to show people -- what do you expect with three girls?? These two are the only ones that passed muster.

Then the amusement park trip which the kids and I loved. It was a hot and sticky morning till afternoon trip but we didn't want to go home.

Our first family ferris wheel ride. The kids were beside themselves with excitement, while the hubby and I had a death grip on each one of them. These pictures were taken just before the hubby realized he was afraid of heights and before the kids started wriggling, hence the death grip and tense warning to sit still or else!

We rode all the kiddie rides (where the hubby and I could fit) from dinosaur eggs to the carousel, Joshua liked picking the gorilla's nose and you could see from the third pic taken after the water ride how much I enjoyed it while Josh hated getting wet!

And of course, what's summer without spending some time by the pool? It took me a while but I finally figured out how to keep bored, hyperactive kids out of trouble and away from the television on lazy Sunday mornings when we have nowhere to go.

So that's how my summer went. How was yours?


Keshi said...

WOW some happy times and some beautiful pics of U and ur lovely kids!

LOL @picking Gorilla's nose!


Menchie said...

he had such a naughty look while he was doing it too! :D

Marie said...

Lovely pics and post, Menchie.

Your summer is ending but it is just beginning here in the UK. It's quite warm today. Hope it doesn't get too hot as I don't like it when I feel hot and sticky!

Hel said...

Wow, what a beautiful house. And you all look so lovely in your summer outfits.

Shelley said...

That looked like a lot of fun. I don't do heights either and that one ride looks VERY tall! Ack! Hehe.

Great job on the photos. What a great looking family. :)

Hildegarde said...

I hate hot summers and ours still has to begin. School till the end of june and starting again in sept, univ. in oct.
Funny approach of the summer as a school essay and I esp. like the photo with the soap bubbles. Good luck with the typhoon season, such a threat.
You say : one of the hottest summers : impact of the climate change ? Over here temp. are raising too and seem to evolve to a hot dry period and a stormy very wet period instead of our normal four seasons.

Menchie said...

Might be a global thing -- I've noticed the summers getting hotter and less rain during the rainy season. I hope you have a good summer!

Thanks! :D

Hi there! the hubby was a bit worried at the height. :D Good thing the gondola was a bit big so it didn't sway very much while it was on top.

I only like hot summers when I'm at the beach, otherwise, I hate it. Going out of the office during lunchtime is like going into an oven. Maybe it is an impact of the climate change if you say temperatures are rising too over on your end.

Aidan said...

that looks like fun, typhoon season? please be careful. We are way to far south to encounter them.

SUmmer for me will always have a beach involved, not a huge fan of the pool, i need the salt and the swell, nothing better:)

Stace said...

Sounds like you had so much fun!!!

I can't remember if Aidan or I blogged about the G-Max Bungy we went on during our honeymoon in Singapore... it's basically like a giant slingshot, shooting people in a cage way up into the air at 200km per hour... terrifying, but so much fun!!!

Menchie said...

Yeah, I like the beach better too especially if it's Boracay! I love that place although Bondi beach is also a great beach. Typhoon season isn't too bad here, at least where I live, it's a different story in the more remote provinces though.

G-max Bungy? That sounds pretty extreme. I rode the roller coaster in the amusement park once and vowed never again. I used to love the extreme rides, now I think my age is catching up with me. :D

Nicole said...

Looks like a really fun time! Summer is just starting here so I'll let you know what adventures and mishaps happen here in America :)

kj said...

mench, i blew these shots up so i could better see you and your family. great all the way around.

funny that i'm preparing for summer as you are ending it. enjoy the transition!

Menchie said...

I hope you have a fun summer! :D

thanks, it's been raining on and off since last week and the somewhat cooler weather is a welcome respite from the heat. am sure you already have something interesting planned this summer.

Within Without said...

What an incredible post, Mench!

Thanks so much for the pix of your family, you're all beautiful...

And I loved the pic of Joshua sticking his tongue out (memories, memories) and your daughter is so cute...

Finally, that pic when you and Joshua got off the ride...your pinkie finger is in his hand...

Beautiful. Thanks for sharing. I have a smile on my face right now, I really do.

Menchie said...

thank you. glad it made you smile. that was such a fun day am glad i can always go back to it.

i hadn't noticed my pinky in Joshua's hand until you mentioned it.

Ces said...

Oh yes, looks like a lot of HOT HOT HUMID fun. I know what you mean by sticky but now the typhoons are coming, so are the hurricanes our way. Take care Mench. The kids start their summer vacation today.

homo escapeons said...

We are desperately awaiting summer here which includes a few thunderstorms, mosquitos and a couple of days in the 90s but nothing like a typhoon.

What a nice relaxin' post and wonderful pics.

I don't do heights either. I would never jump out of a perfectly good plane. I like my feet on the ground.

Menchie said...

Yes, that's right, summer's only just started where you are. We only have two weeks before school officially starts.

It was funny actually how he totally forgot he was afraid of heights until we started moving. By then it was too late!

-Princess Shin- said...

Ooooh.. I love your photos! =) What beautiful family you have!

My boyfriend is totally afraid of heights too. I thought I was scared. He can't even looked at it! Haha.. no ferris wheel for me!

curryegg said...

You've a nice, sweet family... I'm really happy to see you photos with smilling face..