Monday, May 28, 2007

Monday morning bits and pieces

Have I blogged about how much I don't like Mondays??? Don't think so.

Well, I don't like Mondays. Always feel disoriented and grumpy and frumpy get the picture. Thought I'd write down some bits and pieces, some from the weekend and some that happened this morning...

It's Joshua's birthday today!!!! He's five! I am wishing I could be with him the whole day today. And hoping that the weekend we spent together was enough (which I know wasn't -- to me, at least). I can't wait for Joshua to see his Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles cake!

I almost hit a man on a bike this morning. Hence my foul mood. The freaking idiot was on a death wish -- the light had been green for some time when he went careening out of nowhere on his bike (which shouldn't be allowed on a main street anyway!) trying to beat the oncoming cars. The car brakes squealed as I furiously rammed my foot on the brake. I missed him by a couple of inches....%^&$^$&!!!!!

We saw Shrek 3 with the kids last Saturday and I thought it was the funniest of the three. One and two were ok but most of the jokes I thought were a bit slapstick and I hate slapstick and jokes that deal mostly with bodily functions.

I already know how the Pirates movie ended -- I made my brother tell me. Now I'm thinking whether to still see it cause I didn't like the ending. Not mentioning how it ended here because the hubby will kill me when he reads this and I put a spoiler here. *zipping mouth shut*

The other day Faith was being a gremlin in the car on the way to church. She kept growling hard and swiping Joshua with her hand (she was pretending to be a dinosaur) while he was peacefully playing with this Spiderman toys. I was shaking my head and telling the hubby, "look at your daughter...she's being so naughty!" . He looks at me, smiled and said point blank, "don't you see yourself in her?"...well, I never! The nerve! Hmp! Hello??!! I never growl and swipe at the same time!!!

Did you know that I work for a food company? Today I went to a coffee tasting -- my very first food tasting experience. Don't know if I made a very good test subject as I never take my coffee black -- everything tasted bitter and sour to me. Now I wonder when's the next food tasting for pizza??

It is customary to kill a chicken on the day of one's birthday - a life in exchange for continued good health. So for Joshua's birthday, my dad bought a live chicken yesterday and chased me and my sister around the breakfast table with it under his arm. My husband said the screaming might have passed the phobia to the kids -- I don't really mind, at least they won't be bringing home any stray chickens!


kj said...

menchie, no movies highlighting bodily fluids for me. yuk. no.

happy birthday to joshua. what did your dad do with the chicken? i eat white meat and yet i find myself rooting for the chicken. maybe i feel this way because it made it to your kitchen ALIVE!

hope you have a good week ahead.


Menchie said...

sorry to say this but I expect the chicken has expired as i write this. it escaped imminent death yesterday when our labrador got a whiff of it. i'm afraid it won't be as lucky today.

Aidan said...

Not all cyclists are that bad, most are couteous road users, the same as cars, just that 1 in ten element that stuff it up for everyone else!!

Happy Birthday to Josh, may he kill many chickens in his time.

I am very hesitant to see pirates 3, number 2 was awful, and the jokes quite tired, and the TO BE Continued, just annoyed me.

Menchie said...

I dad's a biker too. That man gave me a bad scare yesterday.

Thanks for the birthday wishes...I'd be happy if Joshua doesn't bring home a chicken ever...unless it's from the grocery or in a bucket.

I wasn't happy with Pirates 2 too! I hate cliffhangers...

Keshi said...

Happy 5th lil Josh!

Im sorry to hear abt the bikey boy who nearly got killed. What an idiot. I hate when ppl do that. Im glad nothing serious happened.

So ur dad really killed that chicken at home?


Menchie said...

thanks sweetie!

am glad nothing happened to the guy too, even if i was blazing mad at him for being reckless.

and yeah, my dad killed the chicken. have you ever seen a chicken killed? one time my grandma killed a chicken by cutting it's neck and she lost her grip on it and it ran through the backyard with it's head half cut off. it was disgusting and yet my sister and i were fascinated.

-Princess Shin- said...

I didnt like Pirates of the Caribean's ending too!!! >.< Stupid people! I think they wanna make the 4th one that's why! Hmph!!! I can't wait for shrek 4 to come though. It's coming on thurs in Malaysia. HAha.. I know what you mean. I don't like slapstick comedy too. Those disgusting jokes! Eww.. hope this is nice!

Happy birthday to Joshua too!!! =)

Nicole said...

Happy Birthday to Josh. Five is a big year. It's right after four, and right before six. How did he enjoy his cake? I used to be obsessed with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! Ha! Sounds like a blast.

Ces said...

Now why did your father do that knowing you are afraid of feathers? He is an imp. I sympathize with you but I am smiling because your Dad is an imp.

Oh Menchie, the biker must have been indeed very scary. yes, those dam suicide bike riders appear out of nowhere.

Em wants to see Shrek 3 and the pirates movie but I have to be dragged because I get a headache looking at the big screen and then there's the matter of the bathroom queue. I have to see if my SIL wants to go and take the kids, otherwise I have to go and close my eyes or sleep throughout the movie.

Menchie said...

I'm still going to watch it because I think the hubby would like to, but at least I won't expect a lot.

You'll like Shrek 3...I hope. :D

He loooooved his cake but he loved hi Spiderman gift more! Faith upset him by poking her finger into the cake to taste the icing and I had fun blowing the candles over and soon.

Yes, my dad is an imp and my husband says now he knows where I got my sense of humor. He even kissed the chicken and then wanted to kiss me and my sister. Disgusting!

Good luck with the movie, but maybe if you sit far enough, you'll be able to tolerate it. :D

Keshi said...

OMG seriously?? Thats freakaaaaaaay!

nah I have never seen one killed alive :( I dun think I can!


Menchie said...

yup, it's freaky...and kinda funny, actually...

it's not something you can easily forget!

curryegg said...

Lol... nobody likes Monday.. That's why there is a song "Manic Monday".. An old song...

Ces said...

I like your Dad!

Menchie said...

everyone likes him. :D he's crazy. you should hear him host the annual bingo we have every christmas during the reunion, he's sooooo funny!