Thursday, January 18, 2007

The one where I can't think of a Title

The kids are off with my parents again on a short out of town trip. They'll be back later today but of course my usual reaction of gut wrenching fear is kicking up again and I have been terribly distracted today. I've called my dad twice already asking where they were and what the kids were doing. After half an hour, I called my mom just to know whether they were on their way home already. Turns out they stopped at our house in Tagaytay for a couple of minutes to get some stuff they needed back at the house. Then I find out my dad bought a chicken -- a real, live chicken. I know it's bad to transfer my phobia to the kids. But visions of the chicken walking around the yard (or worse, inside the house) is making me hyperventilate. I
am thinking bad thoughts...really bad thoughts...bad like in evil thoughts...that chicken better be careful.

Someone gave Joshua a pair of shoes with roller skates attached to them. I hate them. I think it is unsafe for children to wear. I see parents with their kids wearing these in the mall and on the streets and I am always thinking of the potential accidents that can happen. I am being too overprotective, aren't I?

Probably to make up for last year's laziness, I am burning up with I-must-organize-the-house frenzy. I just bought bright colored plastic canisters to store items under the bathroom sink and a stainless steel caddy to organize all the stuff we use on the bathroom counter. Last night I bought mobile plastic baskets (the kind that stack up) to use for the kids' toys. I can't wait for Saturday!

Then I bought a beautiful pair of high heeled sandals with silver straps and embroidered wedge heels to go with my pale lavender gown which I will wear to next week's big company event (must remember not to eat carbs this weekend). This has no connection at all to organizing the house but I really, really love those shoes. Been going back to the shop every now and then just to look at it, thinking I will never be able to justify buying it as it is (a) expensive and (b) I had no occasion to wear it to. I bought it today because (a) it was on sale (45%off! yesss!!) and (b) I have no shoes that go well with my pale lavender gown.

I love my shoes.

P.S. American Idol is hilarious!


Samson & his Mummy Juliet said...

Your shoes sound really nice...but as well as the rollerboots, perhaps they are also an ankle twisting hazzard??!!


I am a shoe girl too...I bought a nice pair last night...but they are only brown leather ones...not sparkley like yours.

Ces said...

Menchie, give him a helmet.
Wear your shoes.
Enjoy yourself.
Look stunning.
Feel sexy.
Let your parents take care of the kids.
Enjoy yourself.
Spend time with your husband.
Be happy.
Soon one day you will wake up and you are fifty years old - you will tell yourself you have a beautiful and happy life and you would like to live for fifty more years.

Menchie said...

It's weird but I am so used to wearing heels that wearing flats make my feet hurt!

You are right. I AM stressing too much. I need to relax. Ok...channelling Carrie Bradshaw now...

Stace said...

I am so with you about those shoes! Every time I see a kid with those wheelie shoes it makes me cringe. They cannot be safe, I'm sure.

Aileen said...

we were probably twins in our past lives.
* I absolutely hate birds, chooks, fowls. Hopefully your dad will cook it for dinner!
* I am over so over-protective of my kids and worry to death if they go somewhere without me (even if just go to the malls with my sister!). What do we do?
* I am scared of those roller shoes. Although I would love for the kids to learn to roller skate/blade. Go and buy a helmet, elbow and knee pads. And go bolster up Josh's butt with a cushion. PS: take a picture!
* I miss my stilletos! : (

Menchie said...

Hi! I will have to buy a helmet because I cannot take away the shoes (even if I am soooo tempted) and not break my son's heart. I hate those wheelie shoes!

I'm with you girl! Elena and I are already thinking of ways to get rid of that chicken. joshua calls it chicken little. Call me evil but that bird is going to end up on the dinner table one of these days.

Ooooh! You should see my shoes! It's gorgeous! I'll take a picture and post it. he he he! Oh, and tell me when you have the baby ok?

Ms. Val said...

45% off is nothing to sneeze at!!!! You've been "visiting" those shoes for awhile now so it's not like they were an impulse buy.

Now, imagine if you hadn't waited. You'd be kicking yourself for paying full price.

Menchie said...

ms. val,
i know! that happened to me before and I swore i would never buy anything full price at that store again.

Marie said...

Your shoes and gown sound lovely. I bet you'll look stunning. Hope you have a nice time at the company event.

I love heels too, though I don't wear them much as they make my feet hurt. I feel much more comfortable in flats.

Menchie said...

I'm a short person (barely 5'1) and I feel more confident in heels than in flats. I've learned to choose the brands that are comfortable even when they have high heels. I'm excited to get all dolled up at the event though. :D

kj said...

hi menchie. this is a post with varied subjects: kids, phobias, chickens, shoes and american idol.

my opinions:
1. ces is right (damn! i hate that she's right so much)
2. those roller shoes make me nervous too. i hate when kids where them in stores
3. fears are false (that's the deal with phobias)
4. i have memories of headless chickens jumping around--yuk
5. you deserve those shoes! absolutely!
6. american idol: i saw it. i thought it was too rough on people's vulnerabilities. what's the fun in humiliating someone because of weight or "monkey-like" features?
7. i see you invited ww to the philippines. menchie, are we going to have a giant party? i am counting on ces to make arrangments for our visit to happen. i hope she's reliable....

take care!

Leo said...

Hey there...

I agree American Idol was funny. About the skate shoes, I think they're great, but I see where you worry. My daughter was eyeing some other kids rolling around with them and she seemed excited.
I just shook my head.
Not yet.

Take care of yourself.


(Oh sorry. Chanting out loud.)

Within Without said...


Sorry it's taken so long for me to get here. I've put your link on my blog...I'll come back later to spend more time.

This was a great post. Personally, I think you are being too over-protective. But that's what good moms are and what they do.

And kids, despite their protestations about that, love that their moms love them that much to be concerned about their safety.

Still, especially for boys, you've got to let them test their physical limits and, yes, hurt themselves.

It's like anything else: kids need to reach beyond to find out what they can and can't do. And they might have to do it several times before they get the message.

Of course I don't really get the shoe thing, but I'm sure you WILL look gorgeous.

Have a great time. And thanks for the invite to your blog and for visiting mine.


Steven Novak said...

I have the very same lavender gown...go figure...


P.S. American Idol stinks! ;)


Ms. Val said...

"That store"? Was it ZARA???? I thought you were going to stay away from that place! :-)

Caroline said...

I want to see the shoes too!
I bought peep toe red heels yesterday. They are *too die for*
I caught American Idol today - it was so funny! Who is the blond judge????


Menchie said...

That's why I couldn't think of a title! My thoughts were all over the place that night.

You and Ces are both right. And maybe I need to talk to you about handling my fears better if you wouldn't mind. I'm getting tired of it. Oh, you think Ces would be up to it? I'd love to have you guys over!!!! Ces???

I cringe every time I think about my son wearing those shoes. Do they even have brakes????!!!!

Show the shoes? Maybe...

Hey! Welcome to my blog!

Yeah, I know I'm being too overprotective. I know I can't protect them from every little thing. It's something I will have to work at because I am finding it so hard to do!

And I'm not surprised you don't get the shoe thing. My husband doesn't too...he just tells me it looks nice and I'm happy.

No way! If you look better in it I swear I'll hate you forever!

Ms. Val,
No it's not ZARA. It's a shoe store called Chinese Laundry. Haven't been to ZARA since I posted about it. I've been good!!!

Oooh! Red peep toe heels??!!! I've been wanting a pair for a while now! Can I see it??? PLease??!! (Will show you my shoes!)

The blond judge was Jewel.

-Princess Shin- said...

You watch American idol too? I don't like last year's winner! =(

Menchie said...

Yeah but not regularly, only when I remember and if the kids are feeling generous enough to share the tv. Yeah, last year's winners hardly made an impact.