Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Sugar and Spice and everything nice...???

Meet the little girl who shattered all my (stupid) assumptions that little girls are sweet and quiet little babies who are (mostly) obedient and good natured. DUH! I should've known better. She's feisty...she's girly...strong-willed...AND good-natured (boys beware!).

Here are snippets from Faith's Sunday night routine:


Finally gave her a time out for refusing to lie down on the bed and bothering her brother who was trying to sleep. I lifted her and placed her on top of the big bed. "Ok, tell mommy if you're ready to sleep and lie down," I said. She sat quietly on the bed, watching me, Joshua and her dad from her perch. The soft lamp we kept on at night was at her back so we couldn't see her face. She looked around for a bit, then put her finger inside her nose, and suddenly flings whatever she got there into the bed. After the initial shock that she just threw her booger at us, Jun and I burst into laughter.

(delivered straight with no pauses except for my questions)

"Twinkle, twinkle little banana!
Twinkle, twinkle little banana
Twinkle, twinkle little banana
Twinkle, twinkle little banana
Twinkle, twinkle little banana
Twinkle, twinkle little banana
Twinkle, twinkle little banana (don't really know how many but you get the drift)
Happy boightday to you!
Happy boightday to you!
Happy boightday! Happy boightday!
Happy boightday to you!
Happy boightday to you,
You belong to the thwoo
You yook yike the monkey
and you smell yike one too!
Mommy I want to be a princess!
Mama (grandma) hurt my feelings." (Mama hurt your feelings?)
"No! it was ninang (godmother)!" (Ninang?)
"yes. No! It was Tita (auntie)!"
"Mommy kiss my baby toes!" (after kissing her toes, "Faith, you need to go to sleep")
"No! I don't want to syeep!" (Why?)
"Because," leaning in to whisper in my ear, "I don't want to."


Maria said...


Faith is so adorable in her pictures and your post made me laugh so hard - thank you! I needed that esp today. :)

ang pilya ng anak mo, mana sa 'yo! (jun seemed harmless, so if I were you, I won't even protest, ok?)


Marie said...

She's gorgeous! What a lovely post.

Ces said...

Menchie, I read this last night and was laughing about it. This is a post of a happy and proud mother and you have every reason to be. Faith won the lottery of being born to a loving family and having a great mother! You are wonderful Menchie and you deserve this little bundle of joy.

Samson & his Mummy Juliet said...

She looks beautiful in her pictures....and there is nothing wrong with a girl who knows her own mind!!

Menchie said...

Unfair! Why does everybody think I'm the bad and naughty one??? Why??? Why???? WHY??????!!!!!!!

Thank you! I think she's much to cute for her own good!

Thank you. Every mother likes to hear what you said. I hope she will think the same when she grows up! :D

Samson and Mummy Juliet,
I totally agree with you!!!

Harlot said...

Menchie, your daughter is such a cutie! Well, she has a verra cool mom so i don't think there's something to worry about, until of course when she turns 15 and starts to think of boys. Good luck to your hubby really LOL. I want to suggest shotgun as a props but since my dad didn't scare me with that.. :/ Er, i turned up quite well anyway, if i may say so myself. ;P

Menchie said...

Why am I not surprised you weren't scared of your dad's shotgun tactics?? Forget the shotgun, I'm just gonna teach her to aim for the guy's lower regions if they try to get fresh with her.

Steven Novak said...

That's as good a reason as I've ever heard to not sleep. ;)


Irene said...

Naku! Ang pilya! Mana sa Mommy...at sa Ninang! ;p

Menchie said...

perfectly good reason to not sleep...and it wouldn't have bothered me otherwise...except she wouldn't let ME sleep!

ay, sinabi mo!

-Princess Shin- said...

Oh... so cute!!! =) Little kids are angels! Hehe..

Menchie said...

Thanks! Yes, they are!

Harlot said...

Menchie, i'm 100% uber sure my dad won't shoot me anyway, so why would i be afraid. :P For the guys i dated.. well, that's their problem LOL.

I'm sure your darling daughter will be fine, with you as her guide. ;)