Sunday, January 21, 2007

Can't sleep

It is exactly 12:59am and I am wide awake. Seriously, I'm not even feeling a bit sleepy. It's really weird, considering the way I spent the day today.

I literally got buried in toys. I was so horrified at the magnitude of the task I set out to do that for a few minutes after dumping the contents of one toy chest on my lap, I was just staring open mouthed at the mess. Can you imagine one toy chest full of little things???!!!! Things like broken crayons, small lego pieces, blocks, puzzle pieces, broken arms/legs of power rangers and barbies, and everything else you can imagine. I wanted to, I wanted to rush inside my peaceful and mess-free bedroom, curl up on the bed and forget that there was a mess waiting for me just outside the bedroom. It looked like this:

See what I mean? It took me the whole day to clean it all up and sort the toys into the plastic containers I bought. I had to get a toy and search for all the missing pieces from the huge pile on the floor. Over and over and over again. Now all the dinosaurs are together, baby stuff put in a box, and the rest of the things I couldn't figure out were relegated to the rubbish heap. When I finally finished at around 6 pm, I ended up with this:

You can see it was already dark when I quit. Then I went downstairs where my sister and my husband were in charge of cleaning out the small office. It was like one of those circus acts where they show all these people coming out of one really small car. I have no idea how all of the stuff I saw ever fit into one tiny room. No pics, though. I was too busy upstairs to take pictures. The office was done by 9:30. By that time, I knew I needed a shower. I was afraid the kids would sneeze when they came near me. I wore a sterile gauze mask the whole day that I had marks on my face when I took them off.

Tomorrow I will not do a thing in the house. I am spending the day with the kids, first at the mall while waiting for their dad to come back from a party. Then to a birthday party at 3pm.

I am still not sleepy. So I thought I'd show you my new shoes.

Aren't they pretty??!! Now I think I'll go read for a bit before turning in.


Ces said...
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Ces said...

Your place looks like an aisle of Toys R Us!

Those shoes are something else. They are made for showing. Model them for us. Very nice Menchie. You think you will be able to dance "More Than A Woman" with them? Go go go!!!

How tall are they?

Harlot said...

WOw, Menchie, you did great! I don't think i can organize all that stuff in one afternoon.

First of my addictions would be Nutella, shoes, and then sexy men. Er, wait.. I think sexy men first. Eheh. :P Anyway!--I'm not really into wedges (mi Trollop LUURVES them) but the heels of your shoes are verra cute! So, if you don't mind, where can i get these babies? :P

Maria said...
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Maria said...

omg Mench! did you get my text? I met Gary V - yes the same Gary V of "le sigh" post.

Unfortunately, I didn't have my camera with me and even if I did, I probably wouldn't have the guts that you had to have my pic taken... LOL! Although, I offered to pay for his and his companion's meal (his attending a convention that we are hosting) and he didn't want to. He was nice. I was so hiya to chat him up naman*... So I didn't. (ayan lumabas pagka-Kulasa ko!*)

I thought you should know, lang... Been so busy with my new job, I miss you, the Blogworld Road community, blogging, chatting, etc.

Menchie said...

I know! The kids' birthdays are coming up and I am dreading the prospect of more toys. I already told my family to hold off the toys and get them clothes instead.

Oh the shoes are very comfortable! They're 3 and a half inches, I think.

I got them at Chinese Laundry in Galleria. They also have a branch in Shangrila Mall (and in Rustan's in Glorietta -- not sure though). They're 45% off! and it comes in another color (the straps are bronze and the heels are in an orangey shade). :D

Trollop's gonna be green if she sees the shoes and she loves wedges.

Why didn't you chat him up and tell him about your friend from Pinas who s crazy about him???!!!!! I wouldn't have minded being your conversation starter. And no picture?????!!!!! What were you thinking???!!!!

I haven't checked my phone for your text yet. Just got up. Email me and tell me about your new job. I miss you too.

Caroline said...

was going to talk about toys - but OMG those shoes are so beautiful. Fabulous! I love them.

Menchie said...

I still haven't worn them. I like looking at them.

Keshi said...

OMG those shoes r hip!


Menchie said...


aren't they just???!!!! welcome to my blog! :D

Dan said...

Can you imagine one toy chest full of little things???!!!!

Of course I can. That's the way my toy chest looks. I have it right here with me. I suppose I should get rid of it since I haven't really played with these toys for about 35 years. :)

Thanks for visiting my blog Menchie. I like your blog and your enthusiastic spirit! :)

Menchie said...

Now I'm curious to know what's in your toy chest. Let's figures? Superman? Spiderman collection???

Thanks for visiting my blog. :D

Marie said...

Lovely shoes - though they don't look very comfortable, so I'd be scared to wear them.

Menchie said...

Hi Marie!
They're actually very comfortable to wear. That's why I like wedges, they're less wobbly. :D

Within Without said...

Great-looking shoes! You say they're comfortable...they don't affect your feet? long do you think it will take for picture 2 to become picture 1 again?

**Runs away and hides...**

Ms. Val said...

Oooh, now I'm having flashbacks! Happy Meal toys...Matchbox cars...orphaned blocks... All. Over. The. Place. We had boxes of that stuff. I used to try to organize it all like you, but that took all day. When my husband does it, he just throws all the broken and loose pieces in the trash.

Menchie said...

Sigh! A guy who can appreciate great looking shoes! Be still my heart! :D
Nope, they don't hurt. But will have to see when I've worn them for a few hours.

As for pic 2 becoming pic 1, I give it a month. Then I ignore it for the next 10 months before cleaning it up again. Or I just run away and hide.

Ms. Val,
"Orphaned" -- that's the perfect description for all of the stuff in the toy chest. I threw away a lot of stuff in the trash. I thought if I couldn't figure out where the pieces belonged, then the kids won't miss them.