Monday, January 29, 2007

Do You Believe in Fairies?

So asked the diminutive star of Peter Pan, at the beginning of the play we saw yesterday afternoon. It wasn't what I expected but it was infinitely better than the one we saw Friday night. That being said, I still fell asleep somewhere between the part where the Lost Boys were singing and woke up to Captain Hook dancing a jig with his men.

I don't know. I'm not really sure what I was looking for. I distinctly remember feeling the same disappointment after seeing Lea Salonga perform in the much celebrated Miss Saigon during the Manila run. My thought balloon was, "That was it??!!!". I run the risk of being labelled an imbecile for daring to have a negative reaction to what most Filipinos regard as a local triumph but I really didn't like it that much. I attribute this not to the lack of talent (they were all good) but more to the failure of the production to transport me enough to forget the tired storyline and cheesy song lyrics.

I was expecting the magic of Phantom of the Opera in Sydney, where, even though we were seated at the side and where you had to sometimes crane your neck in order to see beyond the huge post, I was transfixed from the moment the auctioneer's gavel hit the block till the very end. And before I am accused of being biased against local productions (or local talent), the Repertory productions of Camelot, Proposals (Neil Simon) and Once on this Island remain to be favorites of mine.

So...Peter Pan...liked the effects, the fairy dust and the bubbles at the end. And I'm sure the children at the theater loved it. But I still prefer the Disney version.

What's your favorite play?


Keshi said...

o well thats what happens when ppl try to 'act' the fairy-tales :)


Menchie said...

really much prefer watching the Disney cartoon versions.

Caroline said...

NOOOOOOO. Disney is cartoons, not people acting on stage.

I enjoy Shakespeare plays - they were born to be on stage and we have some companies that are quite outstanding. I once saw a naked version of MacBeth in Berlin. That was intersting!


Marie said...

I agree with Caroline about Shakespeare. I also love Ancient Greek drama.

Menchie said...

Oh God, yes, Disney is cartoons. I've proven it with Beauty and the Beast which I already saw on stage (and was also disappointed).

I like Shakespeare too but mostly the comedies. But I would have made an exception for a naked Macbeth!

I like ancient Greek drama too but I've never seen one on stage.

Dan said...

Yes, I believe in fairies -- in fact, I work with one. He walks and talks like a girl.

Just teasing! :)

My favorite play? Probably "The Importance of Being Earnest" by Oscar Wilde. Anything by Shakespeare and Mamet.

Menchie said...

Ha! A fairy huh? :D

Hmm...first time I heard of Mamet. I'll have to google him.

Ces said...

I am your Fairy Godmother - how much money do you want? :-)

I don't like stage plays either, unless they are my children and their classmates performing.

Now, however, I would spend a lot of money watching the Bayanihan Dancers and those excellent native dance groups perform the royal and native dances. I always loved this about U.P. I was constantly watching these productions - very elegant, colorful, heartwarming and they can dance even if the princess has 6-inch long fingernails!!!

Menchie said...

Fairy Godmother! Now that you mention it, I just want a vacation. Somewhere peaceful and quiet and no sign of anybody from work...

Steven Novak said...

I still preferred the Disney version...

That's not something that's said much anymore. ;)


Menchie said...

Oh, c'mon, I wouldn't say that. You must have liked some Disney movies, didn't you? When you were just an itty bitty kid?

kj said...

menchie, i love plays. i love so many i can' think of one to single out. i loved rent and angels in america and hair! and so many college productions of classics like waiting for godot or a long day's journey into night.

i hope you get a reprieve now and then away from work and the kids. it sounds like ces might voluteer to be your fairy godmother--could you ask her to make this happen for you!


Stace said...

My husband and I saw Les Miserables and Phantom of the Opera in London's West End about a year ago... they were both utterly entrancing, enthralling. I love a play/musical/show that trasnports me to another world... we saw The Lion King in Melbourne a while ago too, that was also pretty good... I find the best way to deal with reality is to spend as little time there as possible!

Menchie said...

I loved Waiting for Godot! I read it in college but have not seen the play. I love plays too and I was so glad to find out that my husband did too. It was one of our favorite "dates" when we were still dating.

I wish Ces could really be my fairy godmother. I'm just really tired from work and the late nights due to the kids' sleeping habits.

I've heard a lot about Les Miserables and how fantastic it is but unfortunately have not had a chance to see it on stage yet. Phantom is the greatest. :D

Aidan said...

Stace beat me too it, WE both saw LEs Mis, spine still tingles at the thought of it:) Phantom was also amazing, actually the Movie version was also quite enjoyable... the young girl that plays christine was one 16 at the time, an amazing voice.

Menchie said...

I loved the movie version of Phantom as much as the play! I thought the girl who played Christine was really good. You mean she was only 16 when she did the movie?

-Princess Shin- said...

I love the Cats! They're fabulous! Gave me little tinges. The song Memory is just... sigh.. no words can describe it! Hehe.. I'm sure you son enjoyed the show right?

Menchie said...

Unfortunately, I've only seen excerpts of Cats. But I've heard it's good.

Maria said...

Mench! you are so well-rounded! and I'm proud of you for practicing WLB!

"My thought balloon..." you reminded me of Roy! how is he?

Menchie said...

I'm seeing Roy next week as I am going to Shanghai for work. No sked yet for the week but definitely dinner and drinks on Saturday night before I leave for Manila on Sunday.