Monday, January 22, 2007

What Keeps Me Sane

Moderately severe (does this even make sense??) back pain from Saturday's cleaning and organizing frenzy. Moderate as in I don't have to go to the hospital or spend the day in bed (like I desperately wanted to) but severe enough that I can't even get into a car without wincing in pain.

No pain relievers in the house. I searched. Desperately.

Children (yes, mine) in the midst of a sugar high screaming at the top of their lungs at the supermarket. I guess I have to be thankful that they are screams of joy and not temper tantrums. For some strange reason, they were so delighted at each other they kept screaming if they catch sight of the other -- which was every freaking 30 seconds since Joshua was just in the cart behind me.

Running around like a headless chicken because forgot to bring list to store.

Five rounds of "Mommy can I have this lollipop?" "No, you can't cause you haven't had dinner." at the checkout counter.

So I did what any self respecting woman at the end of her patience would do.

I calmly told my husband to get the car and bring the kids with him.

Then I grabbed a Hershey bar (milk chocolate, no nuts), asked the lady to punch it in and ATE it. Fast.

It was good enough to keep my sanity intact on the way home while the kids screamed...some...more.

So how do you keep sane?


Ces said...

I am sorry. I don't mean to be disrespectful but I can't help but laugh. Mwenchie, they grow up so fast!!!

Within Without said...

Not a whole lot more you CAN do to keep your sanity, really...

1. Don't give in to kids' demands (you didn't)
2. Don't lose it in the supermarket (you didn't)
3. Do foist kids off on hubby when you're on the edge of No. 2 (you did)
4. Eat chocolate (you did).

I'm with Ces, kinda laughing too, having survived this stage...

Ms. Val said...

Oooh, chocolate binge!!!! I love it!!!

I keep sane by locking myself in my room.

I hope you picked up some Extra-Strength Tylenol at the grocery store.

Menchie said...

Ces and WW,
I know it's funny now that it's over! But kids at this stage would try the patience of a saint!

Ms. Val,
Sometimes I lock myself in the bathroom. But they can't stand my being behind closed doors and they start banging on the door which makes more noise and then...well, you get the picture.

I brought my pain reliever stash from the office and put it in my make-up bag for emergencies.

Keshi said...

yummy way to keep sane :) I just listen to is the only thing in the world that keeps me sane and ALIVE!


Menchie said...

yeah it's yummy but i can't afford to do it too often -- have to watch my weight. Music...super agree with you and it doesn't make you gain weight! Now if only my daughter doesn't grab my earphones when she sees me put it on...sigh!

Keshi said...

:) buy her own one sweetie.


Menchie said...

Ha ha! OMG Keshi! She's not even 3 years old! Can you imagine a 3 year old with an ipod? :D

Caroline said...

I know that I shouldn't ... but you made me laugh lots.
I love that blogworld is so honest and open and full of chocolate.


Marie said...

I wish I could help, but the only thing I can advise is to eat lots of chocolate or relax with a bottle of wine.

Leo said...

Chocolate is good, but I regain sanity by watching late night television after everyone has gone to sleep.
I know. I know. TV!!???

It dulls the brain, and doesn't require reasoning.
Just me and the remote!!

Menchie said...

Glad I made you laugh. I can see the funny side now. Way after the episode. :D

Yeah, that's a great way to unwind.

Whatever works to gain your sanity back, right? :D At least it doesn't whine and talk back.

kj said...

ok menchie, i am NOT laughing! i understand all too well what you felt like in that grocery store. thank god there is a difference between what we feel and what we actually do!

after the fact, i still offer you sympathy and commend you for taking care of yourself at the last desparate moment. the chocolate at the register was a stroke of genius!

Menchie said...

thank you. i know that there are still a lot of these in store for me (esp if I have more kids -- eep!). fortunately, chocolate solves a lot of problems. :D

Ekta said...

boy..with 2 kids..u surely need loads of chocs to maintain ur sanity...but am sure ur doing a grt job!

Menchie said...

Hi! thanks for visiting my blog. thankfully, it's not always so bad. i can only indulge on occasion. :D

Keshi said...

OMG NO then :):)


Dyanne said...

People should read this.