Saturday, December 23, 2006

Merry Christmas!!!!

Pre-Christmas checklist:

1. Wrap remaining gifts and place in bags organized by family. CHECK
2. Trip to grocery store and deli for Christmas Eve food. CHECK
3. Quick trip to the mall for five more gifts. CHECK
4. Lovely black crocheted bolero type sweater for self that screamed "Buy ME! CHECK.
5. Phone call to cousins to confirm that since they are unavailable to go to the mall today and tomorrow morning, it is perfectly ok for them to receive a post Christmas gift. CHECK.

Just another night and it's Christmas Eve. The presents have been wrapped and tagged and bagged. Apart from some mild sniffles from Joshua, it looks like we are through with the bug this Christmas (fingers crossed!).

I was expecting today to be a very stressful one but to my surprise (and delight!) it wasn't. Even an afternoon trip to the mall and the grocery didn't bother me in the slightest. I came home to see my dad preparing an outdoor dinner and we spent most of the evening talking outside while listening to Christmas songs. What a perfect, perfect way to officially herald the Christmas celebration.

I'd like to wish everyone a wonderful, wonderful Christmas with your loved ones. To my blogger friends, it has been a pleasure and a privilege to have "met" you. You guys have made this year extra special for me. Here's to more celebrations at Blogworld Road!


Marie said...

Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones, Menchie. I'm so happy to have 'met' you.

Caroline said...

I have loved getting to know you Menchie. And next year will be an exciting one in Blogworld Road. I hope that you and your family have lots of fun. All done ... now relax and enjoy the magic.

Ces said...

Merry Christmas Menchie. It's a joy to know you. You are smart, witty, wholesome and intelligent plus a UP alumni! :-) So absolutely my shinning star, plus you can do magic with your hands. I wish I was in the Philippines celebrating Christmas!

Maria said...


Thank you for the phone call. I didn't realize how much I miss talking to you! Let's do it again, I'll call this time.

HAVE A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS! LOVE AND KISSES TO THE KIDS & JUN! Also to your parents and 2 sisters...


kj said...

menchie, time for me to also wish you a merry christmas and tell you how much i enjoy getting to know you. it is my fondest hope ces and i meet you in the philippines!

i hope you and your family have a wonderful wonderful holiday.



Happy Christmas, Menchie. It is nice to have found you over here.

Kind regards etc

Ces said...

Menchie where are you? Time to get ready for New Year's Eve celebration!!!

-Princess Shin- said...

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!!! =)

Happy New Year my blogger friend!

Take care!

kj said...

menchie, you're back! i see comments on my blog and i am so glad to hear from you!


Menchie said...

I'm here! I'm here!

thank you! I hope you had a good holiday too!

am glad to be back and reconnecting.