Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Holiday Moments

I don't have pictures to share at the moment because the camera chose this auspicious time to conk out. I'm at that in between place I go to after long holidays, torn between feeling sad that Christmas is over and relieved that I can finally stop and do nothing if I choose to. There are presents to put away, toys that still need to be sorted to make room for the humongous amount of new ones and I still haven't done the cleaning I needed to do. Oh joy.

However, I did enjoy the holidays. It was hectic, it was noisy, there was hardly enough quiet time (unless I count trips to the bathroom), and not nearly enough sleep (my skin is a testament to this). But, oh it was fun. It's impossible to cram a whole two weeks worth but here are the moments I remember:

...we had a japanese sushi buffet and steak for dinner at my aunt's house before trooping to church for midnight mass. It was a beautiful night for the short walk to church and back. Then presents galore and Noche Buena (midnight feast). We finally went home at 2am, the kids were wide awake after the short nap on the trip home and we opened their stocking gifts. A totally unexpected gift from the hubby *smile*

... the kids' delight at opening more presents on Christmas morning. A late night scary movie (which had us laughing our socks off) and burgers at midnight to cap off Christmas day.

... out of town house party of around 30 relatives, a hilarious and competitive game of Taboo, first time I played bowling, fresh roasted lechon, and staying up late scaring each other with ghost stories.

... poker game after dinner on New Year's Eve (no money, just chips), tequila shots and dancing at midnight, some quiet conversation with my sisters while waiting for the cousins to arrive for a sleepover

...Quiet beach on New Year's Day, floating on my back while looking up at the sky and hearing the wind while the kids played in the surf

I'm still a bit lethargic from the lack of sleep and the post holiday lull. But things are slowly getting back to normal...unfortunately.


gonzales family said...

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

Samson & his Mummy Juliet said...

You were sunning yourself on Christmas day! You lucky lady!! England, I'm afraid does not have such beautiful weather at Christmas!!!!

Glad you had a good time

Menchie said...


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family too! Di na tayo nagkita.

Samson and Juliet,
Oh I know I'm lucky I got to relax a bit on the beach during the holidays. England might not have nice weather but I'd still love to visit.

I hope you and samson had a good time during the holiday season too!

Maria said...

Ang saya naman! Was it a "kodak momen"?

I have just been counting how long I've been away - 7 years (almost)!!! My hope is that I'd be celebrating Christmas and New Year's at home in BF, esp among family and friends this year or maybe next year.

happy new year! and I did get all your text msgs. ;)

Menchie said...

yeah, a lot of kodak moments but no camera! kainis! it's time to go shopping for a new one.

Oh I hope you can come visit this year! got your new year text too!

Marie said...

I wish you and your family all the best for 2007, Menchie.

Menchie said...

Thanks Marie!

Samson & his Mummy Juliet said...

Have you never been to the UK? It is a mixed bag of nuts...some nice places and some dodgy places. Make sure you avoid Wrexham!!

Caroline said...

Sounds like a wonderful Christmas.
Happy New Year,

kj said...

menchie, ang saya naman from me too! (i wish i knew this language--ok, what have i wished you?)

i stopped reading your post at the moment you mentioned the sushi buffet. i was transported on the spot!

so glad you had such a wonderful, family-filled couple of weeks. welcome back to this neck of the woods....


Ces said...

Oh your holiday celebration sounded so much more fun. Hectic, so what but you did all of those with family! That is what Christmas is all about and you did not have to shiver.

Menchie said...

No I've never been to the UK but I would love, love, love to go visit! What's in Wrexham?

It was! And while I didn't get a massage, I'm just really glad that nobody got sick. :D

'Ang saya naman' loosely means, "that sounds so happy". Saya is the tagalog word for happy.

And yeah, the sushi buffet was out of this world. My aunt had it catered -- didn't know you could order catering on Christmas Eve. But we were really glad she went al out. :D

Menchie said...

I had so much fun but now that my cousins have left, everything seems so quiet now. I miss them already.

And I promised the kids that someday we will have Christmas with snow. :D