Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Who's counting?

My husband and I recently celebrated our sixth wedding anniversary. Hard to believe it's been six years. Sometimes it seems like it was just yesterday when Jun lost his wedding ring during our honeymoon. But more often than not, it feels like we've been together forever that it's hard to imagine my life before I met him. that I think about it, my life before Jun consisted of reading in bed during weekends and Friday nights, cursing the fact that I did not have a boyfriend. Yeah, call it pathetic if you must but I dare any single girl (or guy) out there to deny that the single life is mostly spent on the pursuit of (or the search for) THE ONE. I'll be honest and admit I wasn't one of those independent single girls who are totally ok about being single.

I've had my share of dates from hell, lousy pick-up lines and met enough date 'em and leave 'em types to last me a lifetime. It was at the end of a dating frenzy that I finally decided to put a stop to the madness. I was tired of the never ending cycle of dating a guy, the getting to know you better phone calls, and the effort to be interested in what they were saying. And it was in the middle of the self imposed exile from the dating scene that I found him...or did he find me?? (Actually, our friends set us up -- such good friends I have! -- thank you! mwah!).

If I had a glimpse of how much fun married life was going to be, I would have gotten married when I was 16 (and given my parents a heart attack!). Seriously, I had my own pre-conceived notions of what being married was like (all in the romance department, of course!) but what never figured into my girlish fantasies was the fun. And if someone were to ask me to describe what my life is like with Jun, I would have to say that we laugh a lot -- at ourselves, at each other, at the kids. We'd laugh till tears ran down our faces and then start all over again.

Sigh! I just have the best time when I'm with him.


kj said...

menchie, this is so sweet to read!!
congratulations to you both.

the same thing happened to me: when i let go of looking and feeling incomplete, love found me. 21 years later i am back to reading magazines in bed sometimes, but quite contentedly.

ps i am still thinking about sleeping on the floor...


Anonymous said...

happy 6th! wow time flies when you're having a good time.

this is such a sweet post... it made me go "ahhhhhhhhh... ang sweet naman"

i just saw your email and i'll respond to it over the weekend.

Menchie said...

Yes, I still read in bed though not as often as I used to.

You ought to go for it and sleep on the floor. I highly recommend it. :D

Working on your tag right now. :D

Ces said...
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Ces said...

Oh Menchie I have so much to say about your post but I have completely forgotten because you are absolutely very pretty Inday!

Menchie said...

Aw Ces! You made me blush! He he! But thank you for the compliment. My husband agrees with you (and that's why he's in my perpetual good graces list :D). Now you are too!